Career as Statistician

Career as Statistician

Introduction to Career as Statistician

Statistics is used widely now in almost all fields. So the career as statistician is a good opportunity for those who can excel in this. A person with numeric ability can become a good statistician.

What is Statistics?

Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of numerical data. Those who are doing statistician works are called statisticians. They do the statistical methods to solve problems in a wide variety of fields.

Roles and Responsibilities of Career as Statistician

The role of a statistician is to collect, analyse and interpret the numerical data to solve problems in different fields. They collect data from primary as well as secondary reliable sources, analyse and interpret it with scientific methods and statistical tools, and present their findings to other persons in the form of graphs, charts, tables etc.

They use various methods like questionnaires, surveys and diagnostic tests to study real life problems. Since it requires to collect primary data, field work may also be a part of their job.

Educational Qualification Required

The minimum educational qualification required to get a job in the field of statistics is a bachelor’s degree (BSc.) in statistics or mathematics. Master’s or PhD is required to get job in higher level positions. One can also get good job if they have a combination of statistical skills with other related subject knowledge. For research fields, experience in the fields are also considered for higher positions.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Career as Statistician

Along with the knowledge in statistical and scientific methods of analysis one should also possess certain personal skills to be a successful career as statistician. They must be good at reasoning and applying principles or theories to practical situations. They must not be biased in views and should be flexible. Analytical ability, presentation and communication skills are must for a statistician. Software and computer skills are also became mandatory for career as statistician. They must also be creative, tendency to go for minor details, problem-solving skills, and ability to take decisions. Now a days statistical analysis are done with the help of computer software, so knowledge of such software also become essential.

How to become a Statistician?

A candidate with 10+2 or equivalent examination with mathematics as one of the subject can opt for B.Sc. / BA in mathematics or statistics. After bachelor’s degree they can go for masters and then for M.Phil or PhD. Different universities have different criteria for admission, so it is also advised to understand the requirement of the university or college you want to study.

Where do I get the Job?

The statisticians are required in every fields so the job opportunities are also high. Job opportunities are available in government offices, NGOs, sports, companies, marketing agencies and research, financial services, insurance sectors, journalism, etc. All most all disciplines require statisticians to solve the problems or to do research work. Some of the disciplines includes mathematicseconomics, engineering, medicine, physics, biology, sociology, psychology, etc.

The field is also offer great opportunity in the field of teaching as well as research. They can work as individually or as part of a team.

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