Who can (should) do an MBA

Who Can Do an MBA? Who Should Do an MBA?


Master of Business Administration or related courses are very popular in India. This attraction and popularity is due to the big fat paycheck an MBA graduate from a top ranked institute getting from big Multi National Corporation (MNCs) operating in India and abroad. So many students are asking who can (should) do an MBA? Here we are trying to answer this question.

The standard of management education set by high ranked B schools like Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and other institutes. This attracts many MNCs to hire students directly from the campus itself to the managerial designation through campus placement drives. MNCs consider MBA as a stamp for their performance and knowledge.

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Who can do an MBA?

MBA is a post graduate course; a bachelor’s degree in any discipline is eligible for getting admission. Some institutions / universities have specifications in percentage or equivalent CGPA obtained in bachelor’s degree.

Some admission tests don’t have specification in percentage obtained in bachelor’s degree to attend the test. But other exams required certain percentage or equivalent CGPA in bachelor’s degree to participate in the admission tests.

Candidates who are appearing for final year of bachelor’s or equivalent exams are also eligible for attending the admission tests with provisions.

Above given are basic requirement of getting admission to MBA or related programmes. This answers the question ‘Who can do an MBA?’

Who should do an MBA?

Now the question is ‘Who should do an MBA?’ Following are some common characteristics of students who should do Master programs in Business Administration.

1. Have an Aim / Plan

MBA program is not for anybody who doesn’t have a plan; it is for those who have an aim. Business schools look for people with a career plan that includes a legitimate need for a professional course and training. Students must have a clear plan and career goals before applying to admissions in MBA institutes.

It is a place which guides you to achieve your aim or goal particularly if your aim is to manage a business or an organization or people.

2. Leaders

Students applying to professional programs must have leadership quality. It is not necessary that all leaders are having MBA degree with them; they may be promoted to the position from lower ranks. But students in a business school have a great chance in getting into leadership-oriented career.

The Master of Business Administration programs offers different classes, group projects, assignments and activities about a wide variety of businesses and leadership. This helps the students in equipping and developing themselves to make high level business decisions and leader.

3. Career Change

Another category who opt for Master of Business Administration programs are people want a career change. Professional master degree from top Business Schools offer a chance for students to think through a wide range of business problems in a wide range of industries. Thus offer the students a wide range of knowledge and skills for getting into career opportunity in different fields.

Having an MBA can make you attractive to a range of employers no matter what industry you worked in before B school. Thus candidates got a wide opportunity to change his career choice by taking an MBA degree.

4. Seeking Career Growth

Some people want to join in MBA programme to obtain career growth. They already have obtained a career and want to go higher by obtaining a professional degree. Many organizations now required an MBA degree to get promotion to higher positions. Experienced persons joining the course for getting extra knowledge and promotion in respected field.

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