Career Choices for ISTJ Personality Type

Career Choices for ISTJ Personality Type

ISTJs are people focusing on building long-term, stable careers. So, career choices of ISTJ personality type includes career which give stability and security. Mostly they would not prefer jobs that are not stable or secure. They also prefer to do jobs to be in line with their principles and follow traditional rules.

ISTJ Personality Type

Optimal Career Choices for ISTJ Personality Type

Being preferred to stable and long-term career, ISTJ personality type prefer jobs in institutions of respected tradition, authority, security and established consistency. They love and shine in jobs that value repeated results and unwavering commitments. ISTJs mostly seen working in military officers, lawyers, judges, police officers, detectives, etc. Along with stability, these jobs give them opportunities to work in line with their principles and follow traditional rules and order.

Being persons who love to work alone and considered to be duty fulfiller, ISTJs can also be successful in different fields like accountants, bank teller, auditors, data analysts, business analyst, finance managers, business administrators, logistic jobs, civil engineer, dentist, librarian, computer programmer, etc. These jobs also give them opportunity to establish their skills of analyzing and depends on facts.

Jobs not Preferred by ISTJs

Some kind of works are not suited for ISTJs with respect to their personality. Their introvert nature also makes them not suitable choice for some jobs which require constant people interaction. ISTJs are not preferable to jobs which are not secure or stable in nature. Reluctant to new ideas can also make them unfamiliar for some positions in career. So, they will not be interested in jobs which demands new thinking and changing nature. Jobs which are not preferred by ISTJs includes consultancy, entrepreneurship, sales person, journalist, receptionist, public relations manager or specialist, event management, bartender, etc.

Work Habits of an ISTJ

ISTJs are dedicated to work and trying to accomplish much. This work habit is an excellent quality and also considered as a weakness as others may take advantage of this. They look for peace and security in workplace so love to work alone. Follow rules and structures, so better with manuals and plans.

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