Characteristics of good vision for your organization

Characteristics of good vision for your organization

Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner or a leader of an organization or have an organization which wants to change its future direction? You need to understand the characteristics of good vision statement which determines the future of your organization.

Understand the characteristic of a good vision helps you to determine whether your organization’s vision is working well or not. If not, you need to make necessary changes to it for preparing your organization for future.

A strategic vision says about the management’s views and conclusions about the company. A vision helps the company to combine its employees, products, customers, markets and technology to provide a direction for its future. Thus vision is important for an organization.

A vision should say about the value it can give to customers, its stakeholders, owners, society etc. through its products or services. It thus clearly mentions the importance of its existence in the society and what contribution it can give to the society.

Thus a vision is very important for an organization and developing it is a task which requires great efforts and time but gives rewards. Whether a vision is developing for an entrepreneurship or for change in direction of an organization, understanding the characteristics of good vision is important.

Characteristics of good vision

Here we are explaining characteristics of a good vision that prepare future for an organization.

1. A vision must be clear and written in well articulated words

Communicating vision to all is important in the implementation of vision. A clear and written in well articulated words will help in communicating the vision to all. An unclear vision statement may lead to conflicts and problems.

A vision must be an inspirational statement which should also communicated well to provoke employees to give their best and also to achieve organization’s objectives. Only a clear and well written vision can achieve this and all other objectives it have.

2. A vision must drive the organization to a common goal

A clear strategic vision is capable of driving the organization to a common goal. If an organization has people work for different purposes will never become success.

A clear vision shows the direction which everyone in the organization to move. Thus makes the organization successful in future.

A vision must be capable to make all activities in the organization including finance, marketing, operations, human resource, technology etc. to go in a common direction.

A clear vision makes sure to bring owners, management, leaders, employees and customers in a same frame of reference to achieve a common goal.

3. A vision must be capable of attract / retains people to organization

Committed and energized people in the organization determine the success of an organization. So vision must be capable of attracts commitment and energizes people. It also helps to attract similar minded people in the business to enhance the success of the organization.

A vision motivates and constantly reminds employees during daily work or during crisis. Thus provides meaning for worker’s life and also gives the reason for being in the company.

A clear vision provides an enjoyable work environment for both employers and employees of an organization.

4. A vision must guide the organization’s decision makers

Leaders and decision makers of an organization should take decisions not as a jump from one task to another task. All decisions taken must lead the organization to a particular direction.

It must be a corner-stone in all the decisions and work in the business or the organizations. A vision gives an idea about the key actions that leaders need to take.

A clear strategic vision provides a criterion in which a leader or manager should take decisions. Thus it guides the decision makers to make correct decision.

5. A vision must establish a standard of excellence

It provides a criterion to evaluate all the actions made in the business or organization. A vision explains you whether the organization is success or failure.

It ensures the quality of product and services an organization offers to the society. It also helps in development of new product and further development of existing products.

A clear vision ensures sustainable growth of the company for the benefit of its stakeholders.

Thus in all the way a clear vision establishes a standard of excellence for all activities of the organization.

6. A vision bridges the present to the future for an organization

A clear vision links the events of the present to the future to enhance consistency for an organizations functioning. Whatever the actions or decisions took today must consider the impact of it on future of organization otherwise an organization can fail in its future.

A vision makes clear what an organization will do and what it will not do.

It must help the leaders of the organization to understand the need of the customer’s now and also in the future. The needed changes and improvements in products and services are made according to the need for achieving the vision.

The vision should also make sure that the organization ensures financial strength and stability for the future.


Thus in concluding, a clear vision must able to make the organization to prepare for its future. A good clear vision must have the characteristics to run a successful organization today and also in future.

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