INTJs in Workplace

INTJs in Workplace

INTJs are known for their ability and talents in seeing possibilities of improvement in all places includes workplace. They are considered to be problem solvers, intelligent and analysts who are able to prepare strategic planning. This article discus more about INTJs in workplace.

They are people considered to be less emotional but more on logic. They like to be independent, and prefer work and associate with people of same intellectual level. INTJs constant thirst for improvement and acquiring knowledge made them competent players at workplace. They are also taking keen interest in self-improvement and are lifelong learners. They also put high standards in their work and put high efforts to achieve goals.

Normally INTJ personality types are interested in solving complex problems and are capable of doing so. They have immense ideas and feels satisfied when their ideas turn into reality. In workplace these people are interested to work independently or in a small group.

Based on their traits there are some careers which are suitable to INTJs and there are some careers not preferred to INTJs.

INTJ Personality Type

Various Positions of INTJs in Workplace

In various positions INTJs are behaving based on their traits. They are people looking for a workplace in which they can work independently and can achieve constant improvement. They are also like to work with people who are efficient, intellectually stimulating and like constant improvement.

INTJ as a Manager / Boss

Basically, INTJs are good at analyzing, planning, problem solving and to deal with complex issues. Thus, they mostly excel at managing projects and leadership positions. They always look for constant improvement, innovation and efficiency in the projects and leads with a visionary mindset. They are having good strategic planning skills and solutions for complex problems in business.

INTJs are people not considering emotions of people but thinks everything with an eye of logic. So, they are facing difficulties in managing people but they promote freedom and flexibility in workplace. They expect the subordinates to work independently and respect their independence.

INTJ as a Colleague

INTJs like to work independently or in small groups. They always like to work with people who can work efficiently and intelligently stimulating. Their intelligence and constant hunger to improve will also reflect in their behavior as a colleague. As a team they want to improve and will be a best colleague if the team wants changes.

As a colleague they will not show any emotion and sees everything from the logical perspective. They want to have a free exchange of ideas and not really good at creating personal relationship with colleagues. It is normal that INTJs may perceive by their colleagues as blunt, cold and arrogant people.

INTJ as a Subordinate

Most of the managers like the presence of an INTJ in their team. This is because of their traits and qualities in workplace. Every project has some complex problems to solve. They require INTJs intelligence, calm nature to deal with different situations in the workplace. Their strategic and planning capabilities also give benefits to the superior.

They want to work independently, needs constant improvement, efficiency and like to work with intellectually stimulating colleagues. If they are not getting these in their career, they feel unsatisfied with the career. Another problem with INTJs as a subordinate is that they don’t respect authority especially when they feel that the superior is intelligently lower than them. They don’t like tightly defined roles that limit their freedom and ability to work independently.

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