Strengths of ISTP Personality Type

Strengths of ISTP Personality Type

ISTPs are considered to be easily adaptable persons who can solve difficult problems. This article points out some strengths of ISTP personality type.

ISTPs are able to look into any situation with realistic and practical approach. They are very logical and think critically when taking a decision. They are good at making quick and logical decisions with available information.

ISTP Personality Type

Strengths of ISTP Personality Type

As same with every personality type, ISTPs are also having their strengths and weaknesses. The traits of their personality types are their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Concentrating and improving strengths and overcoming weaknesses are important in personality development and success.  

Following are considered to be major strengths of ISTP personality type.

1. They are optimistic

Even though an introvert type personality, ISTP are optimistic in nature. They are seen as cheerful persons and are able to handle stressful situations well. They are also considered to be trouble shooters who can deal with difficult situation. As the experience increases, ISTPs become more able to deal situations with their experience in life and shows more optimism and self-confidence.

2. Flexible and spontaneous

ISTP personality type are flexible and spontaneous in nature. They can easily change their mindset in the middle of a situation without any effort. They look at present situations and create plans to generate results. So, they are people who live in the present moment and are able to manipulate things in their immediate situation. This flexibility helps them to forgive and overcome the mistakes done and move on.

3. Calm and cool

ISTPs shows calm and cool approach even in difficult situations. They are good at handling difficult and crisis situations. They are also good at bringing realistic and practical solutions at the time of crisis.

4. Practical and realistic

An ISTP personality type look for only practical and realistic goals. They prefer to take practical and realistic approach in life, even in difficult situations. They hold the ability to understand immediately how things work and how to achieve their goals.

5. Continuous learners

ISTPs have a great passion of learning and studies. This often makes them good at their education as well as their career. If they got interest in one subject or topic, they are able to learn it in a short time.

6. They are very organized persons

ISTPs are very organized people in their daily life and in career. They use any methods which helps them to be organized. This includes prioritizing tasks, list of charts to do, list for grocery shops, use of calendars more, use of apps to message or manage, etc.

7. Good team player

When it comes to a team, ISTPs are good team players. They are considered to be less judgmental and are able to accept all others. Even though they are not good communicators in general, they can communicate well in a team work.

8. Risk taker

ISTPs are considered to be a risk taker. This trait can be both strength and weakness. Risk taking traits gives more opportunity for an ISTP. But if it is not used properly, this could have become a weakness for them which results in losses.

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