Factors Affecting Personality Development

Factors Affecting Personality Development

In this section we are going to discuss about factors affecting personality or personality development. Before going for the factors affecting personality development, we are going to understand what personality is. Different psychologists define personality in different ways.

The definitions say that personality is everything that we do. A personality is that which makes one effective in society. It is also that which influences people in society. Also, personality is that which says about a traits, attitudes and aptitudes of a person. Read our article Personality Development and The Johari Window for more information about how ‘The Johari Window’ is used for Personality Development.

Thus, personality is something that describes a person. It involves individual as well as social concerns or behavior of a person. Altogether it consists of many elements that work together in functioning as a whole in an organized manner. It says that a person’s personality is depend upon two factors namely Individual or Personal Factors and Social or Environmental Factors

Factors Affecting Personality Development

Different factors affecting personality can be mainly divided into two namely: Individual or Personal Factors and Environment or Social Factors.

Individual or Personal Factors Affecting Personality Development

The individual factors are those factors inherent in a person. Some of them are not changeable or cannot develop. The individual factors include:

a) Heredity

Heredity is something that passes from generation to generation. You may possess some skills your father or your mother have. It is transferred to you as an inborn character from your parents. Traits, skills that is passed to you from your parents in the form of genetic transfer can determine your personality.

b) Physique

You may be a short person, you may be a tall person, like that each people have different physical appearances. Physique of a person affects his personality. That is biological makeup or body type of a person is a factor that determine personality of that person.

c) Biological Factors

Difference in biological factors like gender, hormone level, functioning of endocrine glands like thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, gonads etc. will affect personality of a person. This determines how an individual behaves in certain situations. These biological factors enable a person to mold the social environment according to his requirements.

d) Nervous System

Central nervous system which includes brain and the spinal cord has a fundamental and important role in determining behavior of a person. The brain and the spinal cord play an important role in a person’s reaction and adjustments to a situation. Thus, growth and functioning of nervous system affects personality of a person.

e) Intelligence

Persons with different intelligence behaves or adjust differently in social environments surrounding them. They are different in dealing with society, have different habits, etc. Thus, it is considered as a factor that determine personality of a person.

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Environmental or Social Factors Affecting Personality Development

Environment has its own impact on the development of an individual’s personality. Social factors or environmental factors are those factors which surrounds a person. Some social factors affect the personality of a person are as follows:

a) Family

First and the foremost important factor that influence personality development of a person is family. A child spends more time with his family so, home atmosphere influences personality development of a child. Parent’s behavior and attitude, their expectations from the child, their education and attention to the child, all make an influence in child’s personality development. The type of experiences received from family in early childhood will play an important role in the development of personality. Economic and social conditions of the family will also influence child’s personality development.

b) School

Next social factor that affect child’s personal development is school. School atmosphere and discipline affects personality development of a child. Teacher’s personality and character, peer students’ attitude and character, all influences child’s personality development.

c) Maturation

Maturation is the process of learning to cope and react in an emotionally appropriate way. Social surroundings around them helps to understand how to react to various situation. It is part of growth, but not always happen with aging or physical growth. Maturation improves the coordination of numerous relationships and thus in personality development of a person.

d) Early Experience

Development of brain and personality has a clear influence with the early experience of a person. Good experience and interaction from surrounding can help child to develop positive attitude, while bitter experience can affect negatively. So, creating positive experience at the early stage is important for personality development.

e) Success and Failures

Success and failures are part of life and it is only how we perceive it. That is, it depends on where we fix our frame of reference in life. When it comes to personality development, it can consider as a factor as it has the power to motivate and demotivate a person.

f) Cultural

Cultural traditions, environment and values in a society can influence personality of a person. This can contribute greatly to the development of believes, and moral values in a person. Along with that culture can also influence the way people behave and develop social interaction.

g) Geography

Many studies show that geography plays an important role in personality development of a person. Place of birth and living influences people’s lifestyle and the way they live. Thus, determines their behavior and reactions to various situations.

Other Factors Affecting Personality Development

There are many other factors like language, inter personal relationships, social role, and ability to observe or perceive or think etc. will also affects the development of personality.

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