Weaknesses of ISTJ Personality Type

Weaknesses of ISTJ Personality Type

Traits can become strengths or weaknesses for a personality type. Here we are discussing the weaknesses of the ISTJ personality type.  

ISTJs are described as “The Duty Fulfiller” among the sixteen MBTI personality types. It is also essential to understand the strengths of the ISTJ Personality Type.

ISTJ Personality Type

Weaknesses of ISTJ Personality Type

Weaknesses are there in every person; neglecting or avoiding it can lead to failure in life. It is essential to understand what are the disadvantages. The strengths and weaknesses of a personality type lie in its traits. Once we identify our weaknesses, it is easy to overcome with effort. In this article, we will list six weaknesses of ISTJ personality type to help them develop their personality.

The following are some of the weaknesses of an ISTJ Personality Type:

1. Not looking for new ideas

ISTJ personality type like to follow traditions and order. As a result, they are resistant and unlikely to new ideas. They will not think differently than existing rules and orders. Only following the same order and traditions may make them difficult to accept new ideas.

2. Quiet and reserved

ISTJs are quiet and reserved persons. They love to work alone and do things by themselves. Reserved nature can make many difficulties in their relationships.  

3. Give less value to people’s feelings

They are considered insensitive to people’s feelings as they think analytically and drive by facts rather than feelings. They may consider emotions, but not as completely.

4. Stubborn

They are very stubborn in their decisions, and it will be tough to accept that they were wrong about something. They will not accept anything new or new way of doing. They love to follow only existing and clearly defined methods of doing things.

5. Blames themselves unreasonably

They are considered to be duty fulfillers. They take extra work themselves and work hard to reach their goals. There will always be a point where they cannot achieve and deliver completely. ISTJs mostly take responsibility on themselves if they can’t deliver completely. This can discourage them entirely and make them move more to introverts.

6. Face difficulty in changing world

This world is changing rapidly at all levels. Like following existing traditions and clearly defined rules and orders, an ISTJ will face difficulty adjusting to the changes. This can create problems in many fields.

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