Brand Management as a Career

Brand Management as a Career

Introduction to Brand Management as a Career

Business becomes more specific and brand oriented. A brand name is getting more important in purchasing decisions of a customer. This improves the importance of brand name and brand management. So scope of brand management as a career also increases.

What is Brand Management?

A brand is anything that identifies a product or service of a seller or a group of sellers. It may be a name, term, a symbol, a design or a combination of these. It is an identity of the company or its products in the market.

A brand management is an effective way of creating a brand. It is by identifying and managing marketing techniques for a product or services to increase its market value, and popularity among the customers.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Brand Manager

Roles and responsibility of a brand manager is to create, manage and sustain brands of a company. It includes planning, developing, and implementing marketing strategies which will improve particular brand which should turn to sales or product or services.

Role may include all characteristics of product or services from its production to sales.

Educational Qualification Required

Minimum educational qualification required to become a brand manager is Master of Business Administration (MBA) or PGDBM in Brand Management or Marketing Management.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Brand Management Career

A brand manager requires specific skills other than thorough knowledge in management. He must be very creative, analytical, and practical person. Must have good communication skills especially presentation skills. Should possess problem solving skills, leadership skills, good listener, good observer, etc.

How to become a Brand Manager?

MBA or PGDBM can be obtained after completing bachelor degree or equivalent. Admission to these post graduate courses are made through Management Entrance Exams. Some important entrance exams includes CAT, MAT, CMAT, GMAT, XAT. There may be specific admission procedures for each business schools. You should understand the procedure of admission before choosing for an admission test.

Where do I get the Job?

Almost all big companies and industries appoint brand managers. Advertising agencies are offering great opportunities for brand managers for developing brands for their clients. Banking sector, insurance sector, pharmaceutical sector, entertainment industry, food and beverage industry, textile industry, cosmetic industry, all requires brand managers.

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