Career as Commercial Pilot

Career as Commercial Pilot

Introduction to Career as Commercial Pilot

Career as commercial pilot is attractive for many youngsters as it very glamorous, exciting and gives opportunity to travel around the globe.

Who is a Commercial Pilot?

A pilot is a trained professional who fly airplanes and helicopters. A commercial pilot fly airplanes and helicopters carrying passengers or cargo.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Commercial Pilot

A commercial pilot takes full responsibility of the aircraft he flies and the lives of his passengers. Captain is having full authority inside the aircraft he flies when its doors are closed. Thus required to lead and control all activities inside the aircraft.

Educational Qualification Required

Educational qualification and license required to become a commercial pilot is Commercial Pilots License (CPL). This is compulsory and with CPL, a pilot can take up any professional assignment.

Skills and Knowledge Required

A commercial pilot requires knowledge and experience in flying an aircraft. Along with that, this person must have some essential personal attributes or skills to become a commercial pilot. This profession needs to take immediate and correct decisions at certain times thus requires emotional stability, calmness, adventurous, mental alertness, etc. He must be responsible, self-confident, compassionate, punctual and a leader. Good physical health conditions are also must for this career. Technical knowledge and ability to update with the knowledge are also important for this profession.

How to become a Commercial Pilot?

First step in becoming commercial pilot is to obtain Student Pilot License (SPL). 10 + 2 science qualified student can register at a flying club. They should complete and qualify many examinations and tests to get SPL. After getting SPL, they will undergo training and flying practices. The second step is to obtain Private Pilot License (PPL). Those who qualified prescribed criteria will get PPL. A Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is given to those who qualify required criteria after PPL. After obtaining CPL, the career starts as a trainee, based on seniority and experience, they move up in their cadre like captain.

Where do I get the Job?

Job opportunities are available with government and private airlines in international as well as domestic travel. A well-qualified, experienced pilot is always a requirement for airline industry. Corporates, personal aircrafts are also giving opportunity for pilots.

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