Career in Archaeology

Career in Archaeology

Introduction to Career in Archaeology

Career in Archaeology is a good option for those who have interest to know past. The word archaeology is derived from two Greek word ‘archaios’ and ‘logos’. Archaios means ancient things and logos means theory of science.

What is Archaeology?

Archaeology is a scientific and systematic study about the past. This study reveals information about past human cultures through various findings, recovery and analysis. They also work in the field of conservation and protection of architectural relics, old monuments, inscriptions etc. Those who are involved with the studies of archaeological discoveries is termed as Archaeologists.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Archaeologist

Roles and responsibilities of archaeologists includes excavation of sites, periodic classification of materials, define civilizations, etc.

Educational Qualification Required

Basic educational qualification required to become an archaeologist is a graduation degree in History or Archaeology (B.A in History or Archaeology). Post-graduation and higher degrees can give higher opportunities in this field.

Skills and Knowledge Required

Along with keen interest in the work, one must have some personal skills also. An archaeologist must have keen observation skills, analytical and logical thinking. They must possess accuracy, lot of patience, dedication, hardworking, etc. Good oral and written communication skills are also must for an archaeologist.

How to become an Archaeologist?

One can opt Arts or Humanities at 10+2 level and choose for B.A in History or Archaeology. After graduation one can opt for a Post-graduate diploma or post-graduate degree in History or archaeology. One can go for higher studies (M Phil) and research works (Ph. D) in various branches of archaeology.

Where do I get the Job?

There are many job opportunities in the field of archaeology. Specialist jobs like Numismatics and Epigraphists are also available in this field. Numismatics deals with study of coins and related objects. Epigraphy is the study of inscriptions on ancient monuments, rocks, temples, etc.

Job opportunities are available in government sector and private sector. Government sector jobs are available in museums, cultural centers, historical divisions, etc. A qualified person can also work as heritage managers, interpreters, tourist guides, etc. A higher qualified person can opt for teaching and research jobs.

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