Career in Banking

Career in Banking

Introduction to Career in Banking

Banking an established means of financial services offers great opportunity for employment. There are many ways of employment opportunities in banking sector. So career in banking is a best option for those who have interest in it.

What are Banks?

Banks are government authorized financial services companies which offers various financial services to individuals and businesses. They are giving capital to the businesses, accepts deposits in the form of savings, current and fixed deposit accounts.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Banking Professional

The roles and responsibilities of banking professional vary according to the profession. The job opportunities in this field are various almost all type of people can get opportunity in this field. So the roles are also various and depends upon the position and rank of the employee.

Educational Qualification Required

Eligibility requirement to become a banking professional is depends upon the position he is applying and want to get in. A person with 10+2, graduate, post graduates, MBA holders, chartered accountants, financial analysts, IT specialists, etc. can get into banking profession. One can also get eligibility in specialized fields after getting certifications, or diploma in specific fields of banking.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Career in Banking

Banking is a competent field which requires various skills to be success. Since the role is different for different positions, the skill requirements will also different. Generally, a banking professional must have professionalism in his / her approach. They must possess good oral and written communication skills. Adaptability to new technology and changes must be an added advantage. Ability to handle customers and difficult situations also a requirement these days.

How to become a Banking Professional?

One can get into banking profession through an examination. The basic eligibility for exam is different for different jobs. A person with a background of any discipline can get into basic positions like clerk, marketing executives, assistant manager, etc. Senior levels and specialized levels can be obtained by specific disciplines and experience persons only.

Mostly there will be an age barrier for entrance exams. The educational qualifications are different for different positions. A graduate in any discipline is the basic qualification required to write exam for probationary officer. A person who entered as a probationary officer can promoted to higher positions based on experience and performance.

Where do I get the Job?

Even though it is a financial services section, it offers various job opportunities for almost all levels of people. All graduate from any discipline can get a job in banking section.

Banking sector offers many great career opportunities for individuals. All disciplined students can get the job in banking sector. Due to the changes in these days, job opportunities for marketing and technology students in banking profession has increased.

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