Career in Food Technology

Career in Food Technology

Introduction to Career in Food Technology

As the demand for semi cooked foods, packaged foods, instant foods, easy to cook materials, etc. increases, the demand for food technology is also increases. Thus the scope of career in food technology is also increasing. A person who is having interest in science and technology along with food and health can opt career in food technology.

What is Food Technology?

Food is a basic need for everybody. It is perishable and have short shelf life. It is directly related with health and life of people. So there is always importance for food technology and need for modern techniques of supplying safe food. New technology in food processing and preservation is what is required now. Contaminated food can create health problems.

Food technology is that field which deals with manufacturing and preservation of food products. It is the application of science and technology to the treatment, processing, preservation and distribution of food.

The research and development in food technology has resulted in the production of safe and nutritious food. Food technology deals with various processes in food processing industry which includes quality management, primary and secondary processing, preservation, packaging and labeling of various products.

Roles and Responsibilities

Food technologist study various factors that can affect food processing and design new technology to apply in processing and packaging of food items. They study and apply scientific methods and techniques to increase the shelf life of food items.

Their main role is to develop new techniques or advance existing techniques or apply existing techniques to food processing and packaging. They mainly do research and development for the food industry.

They study quality analysis of raw materials, packaging standards and methodology, health and hygiene parameters, storage conditions, etc. Their role also includes to make sure that they comply with government guidelines and specifications in processing and packaging of food materials.

Educational Qualification Required

Basic minimum educational qualification required to get a career in food technology is graduate in food technology. A post-graduate course can offer high scope and position in the career. Those with PhD in food technology or related field can get top position jobs.

Skills and Knowledge Required

A food technologist must have good knowledge in various field and aspects of food processing and packaging. Along with this they should also have scientific and research oriented mind. They should also have observation skills, analytical skills, ability to work with team, good communication skills, etc.

How to get a career in Food Technology?

Those who have studied science stream in 10 + 2 can go for food technology courses in degree level. After obtaining a degree in food technology, one can go for post-graduate courses. A post-graduate in food technology can go for higher educational qualifications.

Where do I get the Job?

The jobs are available in the food industry. Jobs are available in food processing companies, research laboratories, soft drink factories, rice and food mills, packaging and logistic industries, and food manufacturing industries. Both public and private sector departments offer jobs in the field of food technology.

Various jobs that a food technologist can get are in quality assurance and control departments, research and development department, product development department, etc.

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