Career in Microbiology

Career in Microbiology

Introduction to Career in Microbiology

Career in Microbiology is a great option for those who love research and development field of microorganisms. It is one of the advancing field and offers wide career opportunities. 

What is Microbiology?

Microbiology is a branch of science that deals with the study of microorganisms. Microorganisms are very small organisms which are not visible through naked eye. They are also called as microbes.

There are many branches of microbiology, some are bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology, etc. A person who specializes in the area of Microbiology are called as Microbiologist.

Different names of microbiologists based on their field of work are Medical Microbiologists, Public health Microbiologist, Bacteriologists, Agricultural Microbiologist, Industrial Microbiologists, Marine Microbiologists, Environmental Microbiologists, Food Microbiologists, Mycologists, Protozoologists, Immunologists, Parasitologists, virologist, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Microbiologist

The role of microbiologists is to study about microorganisms. They are conducting research about various roles of microorganisms on humanity and affects human lives. The purpose and focus of the study are different and is depend on the industry and the work they are associate with. For a Medical  Microbiologists study and research to develop vaccines for various diseases. If they are in the fields of agricultural microbiology, they study about various aspects of microorganisms in relation to the plants.

Educational Qualification Required

It is a specialized and research oriented field so basic educational qualification to become a microbiologist is master’s degree in microbiology. A PhD in microbiology is also helpful to get good research position in career. A graduate in microbiology can get a job as laboratory technicians.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Career in Microbiology

A microbiologist must possess various skills to succeed in the field. Interest in research and analytics is also an essential for this career. He or she should have scientific skills and observation skills. Ability to work as a team, communication skills, concentration skills etc. will also help them in their career in microbiology.

How to become a Microbiologist?

After getting a degree in Zoology or Botany one can go for master’s degree in Microbiology. Some universities are offering degree course for Microbiology also. For getting admission to zoology or botany in degree course, one must study science with biology in 10 + 2 or equivalent. After obtaining master’s degree one can go for M. Phil as well as PhD in Microbiology.

Where do I get the Job?

Job is available for microbiologists in different fields. Research and development departments of related industries offers great opportunities. They can get a job in government and private laboratories, and industries like pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, research organizations, universities, research institutes, etc.

The faculty positions are also available for those candidates who can qualify specific exam.

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