Career in Nanotechnology

Career in Nanotechnology

Introduction to Career in Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is an exciting field to choose in this century. Many researches and great advancements are going in this field of study. Nanotechnology is an emerging and developing field which gives many applications in the areas of science and technology. Here we are discussing about career in nanotechnology.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nano means one-billionth (10 to the power of -9). That is one nano meter is one-billionth of a meter. That is the measurement of very small particles like atoms and molecules. Thus nanotechnology is the technology associated with creation and scrutiny of very minute particles.

Nanotechnology sometimes also known as molecular manufacturing is a branch of science that combines physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Nanotechnology Specialist

Nanotechnology deals with design and manufacture of very small electronic circuits and mechanical devices. It has applications in almost every field. Researches are going in this field and it expands its influences in the fields of technology, electronics, medical, biology, chemistry, telecommunications, etc.

The role of person who involved in nanotechnology is research type.

Educational Qualification Required for Career in Nanotechnology

A career in nanotechnology is available for those having minimum postgraduate degree in the field of nanotechnology. M. Tech or MSc. degree in Nanotechnology is a must. MSc. Physics candidates can pursue their career in Nanotechnology by opting a research field in the field of nanotechnology. A PhD in related fields of nanotechnology will surely give an advantage in this field of career.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Career in Nanotechnology

Since it is a research oriented field, personal skills requirement are based on that. A good knowledge in the subject is a must along with research oriented skills. One must possess analytical skills, observation skills, hardworking nature, ability to think differently, etc.

How to become a Nanotechnology Specialist?

Those candidates who want to pursue a career in nanotechnology should take PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics / Computer) stream in 10 + 2. After 10 + 2 they can opt for BSc. Physics or B. Tech courses. A BSc. Physics person can continue their studies by joining MSc. Physics and then MPhil or/and PhD with specialization related to nanotechnology. After B. Tech courses one can join for M. Tech course in Nanotechnology. An MSc. Physics candidate can also join for M. Tech course.

Where do I get the Job?

The scope and application of nanotechnology is very high. It also offers great career options for engineering graduate as well as physicists. Candidates with M. Tech in nanotechnology and Physicists specialized in nanotechnology are in great demand.

Nanotechnology offers great and wide career options. Careers are available in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical field, information technology, magnetic and optoelectronics, telecommunication, electronics, textiles, energy chemicals, utensils, etc. Many other fields are also emerging as a career options for nanotechnology specialists.

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