Career in Public Relations

Introduction to Career in Public Relations

Public image is important for all organizations and prominent personalities. Without this an organization cannot succeed in their business in this era. So, public relation officers are important for organization. Thus, the scope of career in public relations is also wide and essential for organization.

What is Public Relations?

Public relations in general can be explained as the professional maintenance of a favourable public image by a company or other organization or a prominent person. That is to maintain a good mutual relation and understanding between organization and its public. Public in this case can include shareholders, consumers, employees, media and government. That is, in general the stakeholders.

Roles and Responsibilities of Public Relation Officer

Main and important role of a public relation officer is to maintain a good relation between organization or personalities with its stakeholders. This is done by improving channel of communication and by establishing a way for two-way communication. That is, to ensure correct and timely transmission of information to create a good public image of the organization.

Educational Qualification Required for Career in Public Relations

Bachelors degree in any discipline with required skills is considered to be a minimum qualification for this profession. But now organizations are preferring candidate with specialized qualifications in the field of social sciences, social work, human resource, etc. A masters degree in these fields are considered a good qualification to become a public relations officer. Short term certificate courses, diploma courses, post graduate diploma courses in public relations are also considered to be an added advantage.

Skills and Knowledge Required

Skills are important for career in public relations. Communication skills both writer and oral are important for this profession. People handling skills, that is skills to handle a wide range of people are also important. Along with this, presentation skills, ability to work in stress and pressure situations, event management skills, self-confidence, analytical skills, problem solving skills, etc. are also unavoidable for this career.

How to become a Public Relation Officer?

Once can obtain required qualification from the colleges. Masters in social science or social work (MSW) is considered a good choice for those who like to be in this profession. Also, an MBA in Human Resource will also helpful in obtaining job in public relations. Many colleges conduct entrance exams and other admission procedures. While some colleges offer admission on the basis of merit or marks scored in qualifying exams.

Where do I get the Job?

As organizations and famous personalities require public image, job for a public relation officers are also widely available. They can find job in public sector as well as private sectors. Government agencies, companies, organizations, banks, financial institutions, consultancies, hospitals, schools and colleges, NGOs, etc. are required public relations officers. Now a days, famous personalities are also appointing their own PRO for handling their public relations and to improve their image in public.

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