Career Opportunities in Sericulture

Career Opportunities in Sericulture

Introduction to Career Opportunities in Sericulture

Sericulture is the art and technology of raising silk worms for production of raw silk yarn. If your interest lies in these type of works, the job is suitable for you. Here we discuss about career opportunities in sericulture.

What is Sericulture?

Sericulture is the art and technology of raising silk worms for production of raw silk yarn. The word ‘Sericulture’ is derived from Greek word ‘Sericos’ (meaning ‘Silk’) and the English word ‘Culture’ (meaning ‘Rearing’). It is not just limited to worms, but includes all activities related to them, like mulberry cultivation and even post-cocoon technology.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Career in Sericulture

The work role in sericulture depends on the field he / she is working. The role is in the fields of reeling, silk preparatory and weaving, silk knitting, silk wet and processing consisting of degumming, dyeing, printing and finishing. Research and training in this field is also a role one can opt.

Educational Qualification Required

There are many educational qualification one can obtain in the field of sericulture. They can opt for degree courses like B. Sc. (Sericulture) or B. Sc. Silk Technology (Sericulture). Post graduate courses are also available in the field of sericulture.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Career Opportunities in Sericulture

It is an agro based cottage industry, but each person involved in it must have some technical knowledge about it. It requires enough patience, ability to adapt to new scientific development, etc.

Different Courses in Sericulture

One can join for degree courses in Sericulture after their 10 + 2 in science with PCB. They can opt for B. Sc. in Sericulture or B. Sc. in Silk Technology (Sericulture). One can further improve the qualification to Post-Graduation in Sericulture.

Where do I get the Job?

Sericulture needs less investment, small land holdings and higher returns. So it can consider as one of the best career options to entrepreneurs and young aspirants.

Sericulture offers wide employment opportunity and entrepreneurship options. The demand of silk materials is increasing and the opportunities also. Government also promotes the silk production and offers scope in the silk boards, research centers, etc. One can also opt for job opportunity in academic and training field.

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