Careers in Agricultural Economics

Careers in Agricultural Economics

Introduction to Careers in Agricultural Economics

Many countries like India is basically depends on agriculture. There is no existence of human life without agriculture. Agriculture is the production, processing, marketing and use of foods, fibers and byproducts from plant crops and animals. In this article we discuss about careers in agricultural economics.

In India agriculture always offer good career as it is a vast diversified area. It also has enormous potential as an exporter of agricultural commodities. One can get the job in different fields includes direct agriculture, farm management, different industries related to agriculture, research in agriculture products and machineries, etc.

Agriculture is much important in day-to-day life. Food is the basic necessity of a living organism. The needed food comes from agriculture. So agriculture will always remain as a demanded business. So it required a proper management as a business. An agriculture economist does this. So agriculture economist is a good profession.

What is Agricultural Economics?

Agricultural economics apply business concepts in agricultural industries. Agricultural economics is the study of economic principles, with emphasis on their application, to the solution of farm, agribusiness and agricultural industry problems in relationship to other sectors.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Agricultural Economist

One who work in this business field of agriculture is known as agricultural economist. They plan and predict the trends in agricultural industry and products based on analysis. Their analysis is based on different problem solving and business techniques. They also monitor crops, climate or weather conditions and changes, demand and supply of products, new production methods and buying pattern, imports and exports, government decisions, new product development and technology etc. in the field of agriculture and develop business models according to that.

Educational Qualification Required

Basic educational requirement to work in the field of agricultural economics is a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree is a must for higher positions in agricultural economics. There is an option to opt for higher studies like MPhil or PhD in this subject.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Career in Agricultural Economics

One can become an agriculture economist if he had interest in the field of agriculture and economics or business. He must know different things that can affect the agriculture and also the economic theories and calculations.

One who want to become an agricultural economist should possess a good knowledge in subjects like botany, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Also he / she must have interest in financial calculations and analysis.

An agricultural economist should have interest and knowledge both in agriculture and business. Along with this he / she must also have analytical and problem solving skills, aptitude for research, statistical analysis skills, observation skills, communication skills, written and oral skills, presentation skills, etc.

How to become an Agricultural Economist?

To become an agricultural economist one has to opt for science in 10 + 2 or equivalent with PCB or PCBM (Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics) as the subjects. After this they have to join for a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science (BSc. Agricultural Science) course in any recognized university. Most of the institutions offered this course offer agricultural economics as a subject of specialization. Later they can opt for MSc. Agricultural Economics and can do MPhil or PhD in this field.

One with higher education in the field of agriculture like master’s or PhD can get good job opportunity in the field as agricultural scientist.

Where do I get the Job?

The job opportunities are available in government services, other fields or industries in the field of agricultural business. They can get job as price forecaster, agricultural statistician, farm credit analyst, managers of farm supply and commodity analyst, etc.

Jobs are available in various industries includes manufacturing agricultural machineries, value added services in farm products, banking and financial experts in agricultural loan and other financial products related to financing, etc.

Since the agricultural economist deals with business aspects of agriculture, the opportunities are available in the field of marketing agricultural products.

There are wide scope for start their own business or work in this field.

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