Data Entry as a Career

Data Entry as a Career

Introduction to Data Entry as a Career

This is a world with large amount of data. Every business or application requires data to be analyzed for its proper use. For analysing, the data must be entered into spreadsheets or databases. Data entry as a career becomes one of the popular job among students and homemakers as it can be done as a part time job.

What is Data Entry?

Data entry is the process of entering data into computerized program or a spread sheet. A data entry operator transfer / enter data to a computer file and stored appropriately for further use.

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities of a data entry operator is to enter, update and maintain data entered in a computerized software or spreadsheets. Job role may also include handle feedbacks, documents and mailing lists.

Educational Qualification Required

Basic computer knowledge and ability to handle data are essential for data entry as a career. This doesn’t require high educational qualification or intelligence. Some data entry jobs requires knowledge in computer programs like MS Office. Some other requires how to operate some specific software (normally companies give basic training for these software). Also some data entry jobs requires no knowledge also.

Skills and Knowledge Required

Other than basic knowledge in computer and in required software, one should possess some skills also. He or she must be proficient and accurate in typing and handling or transferring data. The data entry job doesn’t required any new thinking or intelligent, so one should able to work in such atmosphere. Ability to read and handle data and numbers is also important for data entry jobs. Verbal, written communication skills, listening skills, good at languages, are also added advantage. The job may have deadlines or targets so ability to handle pressure and meeting deadlines are also important.

How to get Career in Data Entry?

There is no specific academic requirement for getting into data entry as a career. All persons from all professional background can take up data entry as career. Since it can also be done as a part time job and also with the help of internet, now people can do this job as work from home basis also. Even though there is no specific academic requirement is necessary, a bachelor degree holder have greater chance of getting jobs in reputed companies.

Different Courses for Data Entry

There is no much specific course for data entry. Courses in basic computer application and operating system, MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.), Page Maker, Typing, Basic Networking, Internet, etc. can add value to people who opt for this career.

Where do I get the Job?

Data entry as a career has excellent opportunity. Jobs are available in government and private sectors. As internet became more widely used, this job can also be done as part time and also in work from home basis. All most all businesses from big corporates to small grocery shops have data and need to be stored correctly. So jobs are also available in wide area.

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