Human Resource Management Career

Human Resource Management Career

Introduction to Human Resource management Career

Human resource management (HRM) deals with the manpower of the company. Human resource management career is one of the competitive and demanded profession in the field of management. It is holding a key role in the business as it deals with people in the business. Because of this every organization or industry requires human resource people or managers. Since now-a-days employees are considered as valuable asset for the organization, importance of HRM also increased.

Several terms have been used by various management thinkers to represent human resources. These includes ‘personnel’, ‘people at work’, ‘human resource’, ‘staff’ and ‘employees’.

What is Human Resource Management?

According to Flippo, “Personnel management is the planning, organizing, compensation, integration and maintenance of people for the purpose of contributing to organizational, individual, and societal goals”.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Human Resource Personnel

The role of a human resource person or manager includes, recruiting correct personnel as per the requirement for the organization by different methods, giving proper training to the personnel, boosting their morale for the work environment, developing job profile, exit interviews, organizational discipline, career development programs, payroll management, etc.

The main fields related to human resource management includes:

Personal management

Labour welfare

Industrial relations



Salary administration

Educational Qualification Required

Educational qualifications required to become an HR professional is depends on the position and role he / she is handling. The educational qualifications required varies from a basic degree to certifications or master’s degree in the subject.

The courses exclusively meant for Human Resource Management are:

Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM)

Master of Human Resource and Organizational Development (MHROD)

Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM)

Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development (PGDHRD)

MBA (HR or HR & Organizational Behaviour)

There are many diploma or certification courses available for Human Resource Management. These courses gives additional advantage and knowledge in job and career development for an HR personnel.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Human Resource Management Career

Human resource management requires professional as well as personal skills. He / she should obtain good knowledge about the personnel relations and laws. Ability to understand and acquire knowledge from experience is important in human resource management as it cannot be fully teach in the class rooms.

A human resource personnel should have good writing and speaking skills. He / she must be a good listener, a good communicator so must have listening and communication skills. Other skills which are a requirement of human resource management personnel are presentation skills, ability to find solution, persuasive skills, ability to handle different situations calmly, leadership qualities, flexibility to deal with all types of people, etc.

How to become a Human Resource Personnel?

An MBA institute or Business Schools offer HR or HR & OB as specialization in their MBA program. Admission to good MBA institutes are done through various entrance test conducted across India. Some institutes conducts test by their own for the admission. Basic qualification to study MBA is any degree with specified percentage of marks. Studying MBA in a top institute like Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and other top ranked institutes can give you a good job opening through campus placements.

Admission process in these institutes are done through various steps includes admission test, group discussions, personal interview, etc. Some admission tests for admission are Common Admission Test (CAT), Management Admission Test (MAT), XAT, JMET, CMAT, GMAT, etc. Some of the exams are conducting only once in a year and some are conducting four times a year. There is difference in the acceptable exams at different colleges or business schools. So before writing an exam make sure that the college you want to study accepts the exam for their admission procedures.

Some institutes offer executive MBA through which a professional can get an MBA degree and improve his career opportunity.

To became a higher position in this field one has to opt for any stream in 10 + 2 and go for interested field in bachelor’s degree and can opt for MBA or PGDBM or MHROD or PGDHRM or PGDHRD.

Where do I get the Job?

The job prospects for human resource management personnel are high as every organization need these professional for maintaining their labour force. The jobs are available in recruitment consultants, corporate houses, multinational companies, banking and financial institutions, private and public sector industries, HR consultancies, etc.

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