Marine Engineering as a Career

Marine Engineering as a Career

Introduction to Marine Engineering as a Career

Marine engineering is a profession deals with ships and navigation. Ships and sea routes are mainly used for goods transportation. Above 80% of the goods transportation is happening through sea. So Marine Engineering as a career is good for those who have interest in sea and machines related to sea.

What is Marine Engineering?

Marine engineering is a branch of engineering deals with nautical architecture and science. Thus it is the branch of study that deals with the design, development, production and maintenance of the equipments used at sea and on board sea vessels like boats, ships etc.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Marine Engineer

Marine engineers are responsible for ships technical management. The role will also depends upon various job profile they are handling. Their role includes to manage a team of marine technicians and craftspeople. Marine engineers are also part of ship’s crew. Being in charge of the engine and its crew, their role includes to ensure the safety and standards of the marine body.

Educational Qualification Required

Basic educational qualification required to become a marine engineer is to obtain a BE in marine engineering.

This profession is demanding good physical as well as medical requirements. A good healthy person can only do this course. A minimum of 150 cms height with correlated weight is necessary. A proportionate chest with expansion of minimum 5 cms is also required. An eyesight of 6/6 with no colour blindness is also a requirement for the admission process.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Marine Engineering as a Career

This career requires high standards and knowledge of theoretical and practical marine engineering. A constant and regular update of knowledge is also required. Other than knowledge, one should also have some personal attributes to be a successful marine engineer. Good technical knowledge, math and IT skills are some essentials. Knowledge and proficiency of English language along with good communication skills are also required. Team spirit, managing stressful situations, practical thinking, problem solving skills, are also considered as requirement for marine engineering career.

How to become a Marine Engineer?

After 10 + 2 or equivalent with science (PCM) stream is essential for getting admission into bachelor courses of marine engineering. Since it is a highly paid job, there are huge demand for this course. Therefore, it requires high percentage of marks and high rank in entrance exams are also required to get admission. You should also have physical as well as medical fitness based on the criteria for getting admission to marine engineering courses.

A post-graduation is marine engineering as ME / M Tech is also available for those who interested in academics. Post graduate degree holder can also do PhD in marine engineering.

Where do I get the Job?

Marine engineering offers vast job opportunities with high remuneration. Jobs are available in public as well as in private shipping companies. An increase in international global sea traffic also increases the scope of career in marine engineering. Navy, ship building and designing firms, research associations are also offering career in marine engineering.

This job is mostly of the type of six months or more in ships continuously and can get six months paid holidays.

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