System Administrator as a Career

System Administrator as a Career

Introduction to System Administrator as a Career

If you are much interest in computer, its operations, networking, and technical aspects of these, system administrator job is suitable for you. Here we discuss about system administrator as a career.

Who is System Administrator?

A system administrator is a person responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems; especially multi-user computers such as servers. It includes many works. Big companies have persons for all subdivisions of the work.

Some sub divisions includes:

Database Administrator

Network Administrator

Security Administrator

Web Administrator

Computer Operator

Roles and Responsibilities of a System Administrator

Duties and responsibilities of a system admin varies from company to company and also company size. Some common duty includes identifying potential issues with computer system, operating system updates, configuration changes, installing and configuring new hardware and software,  user administration (setup and maintaining account), responsible for computer security, monitor system performance, create file systems, network communication, etc.

Educational Qualification Required

Education qualification required to become a system administrator is from some IT certifications to master degree. Most of the system administrators are having bachelor’s or engineering degree in related field like computer, information technology, electronics, information systems, etc.

Additional IT certification will always an added advantage for this job and nowadays many companies specifically asked for these IT certifications. An experience in the field is also an added advantage. Sometimes people have experience but not having a high educational qualification will be selected by companies for the post of system administrator. This is because the industry and technology changes much faster than text books which taught in the class room. Experience is more important in this case.

It is advisable for a person who want to become a system administrator to obtain an industry certifications such as Microsoft MCSA, MCSE, MCITP, Cisco CCNA or CompTIA’s A+ or Network+, Red Hat RHCE, Sun Certified SCNA, Novell CAN, CNE, Linux Professional Institute Linux Foundation Certified Engineer or Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator, etc.

Skills and Knowledge Required

Knowledge in systems, networks and how it works is the key for success in this field. He / she must be a person who should know how people work in the systems of the company. Also a system administrator must have an understanding of the software using in the company (not required much programming skills). A system administrator must have skills like problem solving, stress handling capacity, quick understanding skills, good communication skills, ability to adapt and update with latest technology, knowledge in computer security, ability to do multi-tasking, analytical skills, etc.

How to become a System Administrator?

Obtaining the basic educational requirement is the first step in becoming a system administrator. A bachelor’s or engineering degree in related field like computer, information technology, electronics, information systems, etc. will be helpful in this field. An added certification course in the IT field and systems concerns will be a great help in obtaining the job.

After obtaining the basic education requirement or during the education one must be join as a trainee or internship in a company in this field to get experience of the working conditions. This internship will be added as an experience and will be helpful in obtaining the system administrator job.

Where do I get the Job?

As now all the companies are working in computers and networks, all require system administrators. So the job opportunity is very high. Aspirants can get job in different companies like computer related companies, and company’s works more depends on computer and networks.

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