International Day of Cooperatives

International Day of Cooperatives

Basic Information about CoopsDay

International Day of Cooperatives (CoopsDay) is an annual event observed on first Saturday of June to increase awareness about cooperativeness.

Observed on: First Saturday of July (4 July 2020)

Organized by: ICA, UN

Introduced in: 1992 (UN Proclamation)

Observed: Worldwide

About International Day of Cooperatives (IDC)

Every year first Saturday of July is observed as the International Day of Cooperatives (IDC). This day was observed since 1923 by the International Co-operative Alliance. On December 16, 1992, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed to observe first Saturday of July 1995 to be International Day of Cooperatives. The day is known as CoopsDay.

The day is observed to increase awareness about cooperativeness, strengthen the cooperative movements and organizations.

Activities and Programs on Coops Day

The day is observed by different organizations, co-operatives around the world by various programs and activities. Each year the celebrations are based on a theme selected for the particular year.

Campaigns including social media campaigns are done with hashtag #CoopsDay

Themes for International Day of Cooperatives

International Day of Cooperatives (CoopsDay) 2020 Theme is “Cooperatives for Climate Action

International Day of Cooperatives (CoopsDay) 2019 Theme was “Coops 4 Decent Work

CoopsDay 2018 Theme was “Sustainable consumption and production“.

Slogan: Sustainable societies through cooperation

2017 CoopsDay Theme was “Inclusion. Slogan: Co-operatives ensure no one is left behind”

2016 Theme: Cooperatives: The power to act for a sustainable future

2015 Theme: Equality. Slogan: Choose co-operative, choose equality

2014 Theme: Co-operative enterprises achieve sustainable development for all

2013 Theme: Co-operative enterprise remains strong in time of crisis

2012 Theme: Co-operative enterprises build a better world

2011 Theme: Youth, the future of cooperative enterprise

2010 Theme: Co-operative Enterprise empowers women

2009 Theme: Driving Recovery through Co-operative Enterprise

2008 Theme: Confronting Climate Change through Co-operative Enterprise

2007 Theme: Co-operative Values and Principles for Corporate Social responsibility

2006 Theme: Peace-building through Co-operatives

2005 Theme: Microfinance is OUR business! Cooperating out of poverty

2004 Theme: Co-operatives for Fair Globalisation: Creating Opportunities for All

2003 Theme: Co-operatives Make Development Happen!: The contribution of co-operatives to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

2002 Theme: Society and Co-operatives: Concern for Community

2001 Theme: The Co-operative Advantage in the Third Millennium

2000 Theme: Co-operatives and Employment Promotion

1999 Theme: Public Policy and Co-operative Legislation

1998 Theme: Cooperatives and the Globalization of the Economy

1997 Theme: The Co-operative Contribution to World Food Security

1996 Theme: Co-operative Enterprise: Empowerment for People-centred Sustainable Development

1995 Theme: The ICA Centennial and the Next 100 Years of International Co-operation

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