International Day of Nowruz

International Day of Nowruz

Basic Information

International Day of Nowruz is observed on every year March 21. It is celebrated to preserve and develop the culture and traditions related to Nowruz, and to raise awareness about Nowruz.

Observed on: March 21

Organized by: UNESCO

Introduced in: 2010

Observed: Worldwide

About International Day of Nowruz

The word Nowruz means “new day”. The United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Nowruz celebrates the start of the Persian spring festival March 21 every year. It is an ancestral festivity marking the first day of spring and the renewal of nature. It is considered to be a new beginning.

This day is observed to promote peace and solidarity, particularly in families. The day also focuses reconciliation and neighborliness, mutual respect, contributing to cultural diversity, avoiding religious divides and friendship among peoples and different communities.

United Nations General Assembly proclaimed March 21 as International Day of Nowruz in the 71st plenary meeting on 23 February 2010 through a resolution.

Activities and Programs on Day of Nowruz

Many activities and programs are conducted around the world to celebrate Day of Nowruz. Many programs or events conducted on this day include folk dance performances, special concerts, and tree planting ceremonies.

Celebration of this festival includes rituals, ceremonies and cultural events, as well as the enjoyment of a special meal with loved ones. New clothes are worn, visits are made to family and friends, and gifts, especially for children, are exchanged.

It is also associated with great local traditions of different countries. About 300 million people along with UN organizations, NGOs, international and regional organizations celebrate this day.

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