International Day of Parliamentarism

International Day of Parliamentarism

Basic Information

International Day of Parliamentarism is an annual event observed on June 30 to celebrate parliaments, its importance in democracy and ways it can benefit people around the world.

Observed on: June 30

Organized by: UN

Introduced in: 2018 (First Observation)

Observed: Worldwide

About International Day of Parliamentarism

Parliaments are pillars of democracy. A strong parliament is necessary for achieving sustainable and inclusive development for people. It is a place where voice of people is heard, pass laws, allocate funds to implement laws and policies, and hold governments to account.

By understanding the importance of parliament in sustainable development, UN General Assembly decided to observe June 30 as International Day of Parliamentarism. The day was first observed on 30 June 2018. The date is important as on 30 June 1889, Inter–Parliamentary Union – the global organization of parliaments – was established. The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) as the world organization of parliaments, connects national parliaments in order to promote greater transparency, accountability and participation at the global level. This day encourages governments to make use of parliaments for the improvement of day-to-day lives of people.

UN also observing September 15 as International Day of Democracy.

Activities and Programs on International Day of Parliamentarism

Programs and events are conducted on this day to spread the importance of parliament. It also aims to show how the parliaments works and how it takes decisions. Programs and actions on this day are encouraged for the involvement of weaker sections of society and participation of more women and youth in parliament and decision making bodies.

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