Universal Childrens Day

Universal Children’s Day

Basic Information

Universal Children’s Day is observed on November 20 to encourage fraternity and understanding between children all over the world and promoting the welfare of children.

Observed on: 20 November

Organized By: UN, UNICEF

Introduced in: 1956 (Observed on 20 November from 1990)

Observed: Internationally (Some countries have their own children’s day on different date)

About Universal Children’s Day

United Nation’s General Assembly in 1954 recommended introducing a Universal Children’s Day from 1956 onwards. This observation aims to encourage fraternity and understanding between children all over the world and promoting the welfare of children. On 20 November 1959, the United Nation’s General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. Also on 20 November 1989, it adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. To mark the anniversary of these declarations from 1990 onwards Universal Children’s Day is celebrated on 20 November.

The United Nation’s Universal Children’s Day is celebrated to promote international togetherness and awareness among children worldwide. UNICEF promotes and coordinates this day. Observation of this day gives an opportunity to give awareness about rights of children.

Many countries observe Children’s Day on different dates. India observe on November 14 (First prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru’s Birthday), Australia observe on fourth Wednesday in October, United States observe on first Sunday in June.

Activities and Programs on Universal Children’s Day

UNICEF, educational institutions, organizations work among children conducts programs and awareness meetings to draw attention to children’s rights. They also organize special campaigns for breastfeeding, immunization, child health, education etc.

Parents try to celebrate this day by spend time with them. Doing something fun and educational with the whole family.

There are many activities which help children to understand the importance of togetherness and awareness. Schools organizes different programs to facilitate these qualities among students. A picnic, an educational outing, sharing lunch box, helping each other, etc. are some other programs.

Different child welfare and charitable organizations conduct programs to help poor and downtrodden children to celebrate this day. They distribute food, educational materials, coloring sheets, etc. to these children.

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