World Day of Social Justice

World Day of Social Justice

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2018 @ 12:39 pm

Basic Information about World Day of Social Justice

Observed on: February 20

Organized by: UN, ILO

Introduced in: 2007 (UN Decision), 2009 (First Observation)

Observed: Worldwide

About World Day of Social Justice

On 26 November 2007 United Nations General Assembly decided to observe every year 20 February as World Day of Social Justice. The first observations was made in the year 2009. This aims to promote social justice through employment opportunities, human rights, social well-being, gender equity, social integration, etc.

A peaceful atmosphere is only possible when there is a social justice. World Day of Social Justice is celebrated on February 20 to promote social justice. This is essential for eradicating poverty, decrease unemployment, etc. It is possible when there is no discrimination on the basis of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability.

Activities and Programs on World Day of Social Justice

United Nations and International Labour Organization take initiative in promoting many activities and programs to improve and achieve social justice. One of such is the adoption of the Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization by ILO. Many organizations are coming up with activities and programs to improve social justice by tackling poverty, unemployment, etc. Different organizations conducts programs based on theme selected for the year. Social Justice Campaign are conducted on the day in different media’s like television, radio, newspaper, websites etc. Social media campaign are also common and attracts many people.

Theme for World Day of Social Justice

2018 Theme: Workers on the Move: the Quest for Social Justice

2017 Theme: Preventing conflict and sustaining peace through decent work

2016 Theme: A Just Transition – environmentally sustainable economies and societies

2015 Theme: Ending human trafficking and forced labour

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