World Louis Braille Day

World Louis Braille Day

Basic Information about Braille Day

World Louis Braille Day is observed on 4th January in remembrance of birthday of Louis Braille. This day is observed to recognize his efforts to improve the life of blind people.

Observed on: January 04

Organized by: NGOs, World Braille Foundation, World Blind Union

Observed: Internationally

About World Louis Braille Day

Louis Braille invented a script called Braille script in 1821 which helps the visually impaired people to read as well as write. It is a pattern of raised dots on paper, which could be felt and one can read anything that is unable to see. The bumps and identifications on the surface represent alphabets and can be recognized by the touch. Thus, it helps blind persons to read by touching and feeling on it. This Braille script can use in almost all languages and also in other subjects. This includes music, mathematics, science, computer programs etc. Thus, opens a wide range of opportunity for blind individuals.

Louis Braille was born in France on 4th January 1809. He became blind after an accident at the age of three. In remembrance of his birthday Louis Braille Day is celebrated across the world. This day recognize his efforts to improve the life of blind people. He used Braille script to have an access to works of literature. His work was not confined to alphabets or literature, he was passionate about music too, and thus in the later part of his life, he developed Braille language for music also.

Braille language gives a wonderful opportunity to millions of blind people to know, understand and express the knowledge of the world. Thus, it helps to improve the social and economic opportunities so that they can be more independent and can educate themselves.

Activities and Programs on World Louis Braille Day

This day is celebrated around the world to raise awareness about the apathy towards visually impaired people. It also helps them to become equal with the rest of the people. Many organizations and NGOs working in this field come together for this purpose and they also produce works in the Braille language to allow blinds to read the works.

Different organization organize various competitions on this day especially for the blind. This day is also used to give awareness about the new technologies coming in the field of Braille language. Earlier people used to use a special typewriter but now a day’s computer too helps them to write and read Braille language.

In 2009, the 200th birthday anniversary of Louis Braille was celebrated around the world. In France, a special exhibition was organized in a museum dedicated to Louis Braille. Some countries like India, Belgium, Italy etc. released special coins with the image of Louis Braille.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other organizations work among the blinds uses this day to encourage businesses and governments to create economic and social opportunities for the blind.

The World Braille Foundation works to provide Braille books and skills to teachers to help blind students learn and succeed.

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