World Meteorological Day

World Meteorological Day

Basic Information

World Meteorological Day is observed on March 23 every year.

Observed on: March 23

Organized by: UN, WMO

Introduced in: 1961

Observed: Worldwide

About World Meteorological Day

Every year March 23 is observed as World Meteorological Day. On this date International Meteorological Organization (IMO) changed to World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in 1950. World Meteorological Organization plays a crucial role in contributing to people’s safety, welfare, food security, water resources, etc. This day was observed from 1961 onwards.

Activities and Programs on the Day

Many programs and activities are organized all over the world for this occasion. Some of the events includes seminars, symposiums, conferences, exhibitions, debates, etc. World Meteorological Organization organized Scientific and Technical Forums on this day. Photo competition is also done with regards to the observation of the day.

Theme for World Meteorological Day

World Meteorological Day 2021 Theme is “The ocean, our climate and weather” in conjunction with the launch of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable

World Meteorological Day 2020 Theme was “Climate and Water” (in alignment with the theme of World Water Day 2020, focusing on climate change and water)

World Meteorological Day 2019 Theme was “The Sun, the Earth and the Weather

2018 Theme: Weather-ready, climate-smart

2017 Theme: Understanding Clouds

2016 Theme: Hotter, drier, wetter, Face the Future

2015 Theme: Climate Knowledge for Climate Action

2014 Theme: Weather and climate: Engaging youth

2013 Theme: Watching the weather to protect life and property

2012 Theme: Powering our Future with Weather, Climate and Water

2011 Theme: Climate for you

2010 Theme: 60 years of service for your safety and well-being

2009 Theme: Weather, climate and the air we breathe

2008 Theme: Observing our planet for a better future

2007 Theme: Polar meteorology: Understanding global impacts

2006 Theme: Preventing and mitigating natural disasters

2005 Theme: Weather, climate, water and sustainable development

2004 Theme: Weather, climate, water in information age

2003 Theme: Our future climate

2002 Theme: Reducing vulnerability to Weather and Climate Extremes

2001 Theme: Volunteers for weather, climate and water

2000 Theme: The World Meteorological Organization – 50 years of service

World Meteorological Day Theme before 2000

1999 Theme: Weather, climate and health

1998 Theme: Weather, oceans and human activity

1997 Theme: Weather and water in cities

1996 Theme: Meteorology in the service of sports

1995 Theme: Public weather services

1994 Theme: Observing the weather and climate

1993 Theme: Meteorology and the transfer of technology

1992 Theme: Weather and climate services for sustainable development

1991 Theme: The atmosphere of the living planet Earth

1990 Theme: Nature disaster reduction: how meteorological and hydrological services can help

1989 Theme: Meteorology in the service of aviation

1988 Theme: Meteorology and the media

1987 Theme: Meteorology: a model of international cooperation

1986 Theme: Climate variations, drought and desertification

1985 Theme: Meteorology and public safety

1984 Theme: Meteorology aids food production

1983 Theme: The weather observer

1982 Theme: Observing the weather from space

1981 Theme: World Weather Watch as a tool for development

1980 Theme: Man and climatic variability

1979 Theme: Meteorology and energy

1978 Theme: Meteorology and research for the future

1977 Theme: Weather and water

1976 Theme: Weather and food

1975 Theme: Meteorology and telecommunications

1974 Theme: Meteorology and tourism

1973 Theme: One hundred years of international cooperation in meteorology

1972 Theme: Meteorology and human environment

1971 Theme: Meteorology and human environment

1970 Theme: Meteorological education and training

1969 Theme: The economic value of meteorological services

1968 Theme: Meteorology and agriculture

1967 Theme: Weather and water

1966 Theme: World Weather Watch

1965 Theme: International cooperation in meteorology

1964 Theme: Meteorology as a factor of economic development

1963 Theme: Transport and meteorology (in particular, application of meteorology to aviation)

1962 Theme: Contribution of meteorology to agriculture and food production

1961 Theme: Meteorology – general themes

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