ENFP Personality Type

ENFP Personality Type

ENFPs are people with great people skills and good communication skills. Excited by new ideas and have good artistic skills. They are very warm, enthusiastic and potential people who can inspire and motivate others.

ENFP Personality Type

ENFP – Extraversion iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving

ENFP is one of the Sixteen MBTI Personality Type in which the indicators are explained as below:

E (Extraversion): They talk more, active, high energy people. Outgoing, enthusiastic and likes to be around people.

N (iNtuitive): They are imaginative, creative and introspective people love to focus on the future instead of present.

F (Feeling): They are people who uses personal values, emotions, feelings to take decisions. Ruled by the heart, not the head.  

P (Perceiving): They keep options open. Adaptable and going with flow. Playful, less aware of time.

Common Traits of ENFP Personality

ENFPs are project-oriented people who may go through several different careers during their lifetime. They place importance to the interpersonal relationships. Open minded people who have interest in new ideas but bored with details. Always have a tendency to look for new opportunities and bored with existing. This can sometimes create problems in career as well as relationship of an ENFP. ENFPs are good at different things and are able to achieve success at anything that interest them. Some common traits of ENFP personality type are as follows:

  • Interested in new ideas and opportunities
  • Dislike details and performing routine works and tasks
  • Bright and have the ability to grasp difficult concepts and theories with ease
  • Warm, have great people skills and good communicators
  • Have the ability to inspire and motivate others
  • Future oriented and live in the world of possibilities

ENFP –The Inspirer

ENFPs have an outstanding ability to inspire and motivate people. They are warm, enthusiastic and have great people skills. Good communicators and place importance to interpersonal relationship. Excited with new ideas and are flexible with broad range of interests and abilities. They have great skills in bringing out the best in others.

Famous People with ENFP Personality Type

Some famous people with ENFP personality type include Charles Dickens, Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss), Justin Timberlake, etc.

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