Strengths of ESFJ Personality Type

Strengths of ESFJ Personality Type

Every personality type has their own strengths and weaknesses depends upon their traits. In this article we are going to discuss about strengths of ESFJ personality type.

ESFJ Personality Type

Strengths of ESFJ Personality Type

ESFJ personality type have various strengths and weaknesses based on their traits. Concentrating on strengths is important for personality development. Along with that it is important to understand and overcome weaknesses. This helps a person to find methods to understand themselves and use their traits in better way.

Following are considered to be major strengths of ESFJ personality type.

1. Strong practical skills

ESFJ personality type people possess strong practical skills and are able to do day-to-day tasks. They consider practical possibilities in a situation than complicated theories and ideas. ESFJs are very good at evaluating daily routine works and have the ability to improve it. They rely on information which are practical and observable rather than intuitive thinking. Also, they like to accept ideas which have practical application and are possible to execute.

2. Excellent communicators

This personality type people are excellent communicators. This makes them effective in making friends and relationships easily. With this ability they could easily create and develop strong bonds with others quickly. And are able to take part actively in social communities and activities.

3. Very responsible and dutiful

These people have strong sense of responsibility and always try to accomplish their duty. They try to keep strong value-based approach in their duty and try to work for betterment of the society. They also like to be good role models for others by being responsible and dutiful nature.

4. Kind and helpful

ESFJ personality type are very kind hearted and are always try to help others. They are those people who will offer shoulder to cry on after a bad day. They keep high priority to other’s feelings and are very helpful to them when there is a need arise. This personality type people make sure that those who are close are well cared for.

5. Loyal

This personality type people like to maintain the status quo so they try to show their loyalty and trustworthiness in their roles. They also like to have stable and secure job as well as stable home environment. This desire contributes much in creating loyalty. Their dutiful and strong sense of responsibility makes them loyal to their relationships as well as towards organization.

6. Reliable people

ESFJs are very reliable people who are the backbone of the group they belong to. Families and organizations can rely upon them for any task and details to get full support. They show great care and support to wards others.

7. Good at keeping and maintaining relationships

ESFJs are good at making relationships and friendships. They enjoy spending time with their family and friends. They have very good ability and are efficient in dealing children. This personality type people like to keep harmony in relationships as well as in workplace. They look for a win-win situation in conflicts and like to avoid hurting others.

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