Strengths of ESTJ Personality Type

Strengths of ESTJ Personality Type

ESTJs are guardians or executive type personality type who have many strengths in their traits. This article discusses about strengths of ESTJ personality type.

ESTJ Personality Type

Strengths of ESTJ Personality Type

Like every personality type, ESTJ personality type also have their own strengths and weaknesses. For success and personality development, one must concentrate on their own strengths and try to improve the weaknesses. For this, it is important to understand what are the strengths and weaknesses.

Following are considered to be major strengths of ESTJ personality type.

1. Loyal and reliable

ESTJ personality type are very loyal and reliable people who consider and give importance to stability and social security. They are very responsible and committed towards their families, organizations, communities, etc. ESTJs believe and perform best in their duty without expecting something in return. They are very reliable persons who do their best to keep their promises. They try hard to achieve positive individualized reputation of reliability.

2. Dedicated and patient

This personality type people are dedicated and patient in nature. They are not abandoning any projects or commitments because of its difficulty or boring nature. Once they accept, they show their full dedication and patience in completing the task. They believe that it is an ethical obligation to complete the work and produce an outcome.

3. Strong-willed individuals

ESTJs shows strong will in anything they are involved. They don’t give up and take full effort in completing the project. They are ready to do the hard work required for that at any level. This personality type people will take some time to form their opinions and ideas. But they will defend their ideas and principles relentlessly even with evidence for them.

4. Excellent organizers

ESTJs are people who like to follow traditions and rules. So, when they have to organize something, they try to create some standards and rules and follow the same. They are also good at evaluating things in fair and objective way. Their dedicated, patient and straight forward approach makes them good at dealing situations with confidence. The organizing capacity makes them good leaders.

5. Good at creating order

This personality types are good at creating order and structure to a situation. They love creating order by setting certain rules, structure and clear roles. That makes them perfect for creating order in unpredictable chaotic situations in life and work.

6. Honest and straight forward people

ESTJ personality type are very straight forward and honest people. They trust and focus on facts than opinions. They are people who can give honest reply for any type of question you ask. The answer will be normally direct and straight forward, doesn’t depend on whether you like it or not.

7. Good problem solvers

This personality type people are good at solving problems. They consider facts and logic while making a decision. They are able to make quick and better solution to a situation based on facts and information available at the moment.  

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