Five Note Taking Methods to Try

Good Note Taking Methods to Try

Effective note taking is important for academic success. What note taking methods you are following is important for effective note taking. You must adopt a note taking method suitable for you and the topic you are writing. Don’t follow what others are doing in this matter. Here we are going to explain some note taking methods which you can try.

Note Taking Methods to Try

Here we are giving 5 note making methods which you can try while taking notes.

1. Cornell Note Taking Method

This is an effective method of note taking developed by Cornell education professor Walter Pauk in 1950s. This is a very effective note taking method. It helps you to organize class notes into summaries, main points, details, clues etc.

It have two columns (left one narrower than the right) and a summary section on the bottom. Main ideas, formulae and questions are written in the left hand column. Details, pictures, tables, summaries, etc. are written in right column. Review and write a short summary at the bottom of the page.

You can write class notes in right side column, review it, write formulas, main ideas, questions in the left hand column and write summary at the bottom with main points and highlight it.

2. Figure Type / Using Visual Aids

Figure Type note taking method is one which uses figures to represent the relationships. For example you can use circles to main topics, connected with sub heading which is represented in squares, connected to points in rectangles, then details. It is mostly used to show the relationships between the topics. It helps you to remember and recollect the relationships between the topics and points. This method is mostly look like an organization chart which includes main topic, sub topics, points and details if necessary.

In figure type method first we will write main topic, then divide it into sub topics and write it underneath, divide subtopics into points and detailed information about the topics and write below.

You can add up to the topic and chart at the time of reviewing. Adding visual aids in preparing such relationships will also help you in remembering things easily.

3. Write Down Method

Write Down note taking method is the simplest way of note taking, as it just writes down each topic as sentences. It is advisable for lectures which are moving fast as there will not be much time for you to organize the topics in between.

In this method each main topic is followed by subheadings or categories. Below this there will be some detailed notes in the form of sentences. Always leave some blank space in between to add points when you review it. Also highlight the important points at the time of review with highlighter. One of the disadvantage of this method is that it is not organized.

If you only able to write in this method, it is advisable to make notes with some other methods also. This can be done at the time of reviewing and will benefit for revision and remembering. A combination of this and one of other method can be benefit you in much better way.

4. Book Type Note Taking Method

Book Type note taking method is mostly used when a topic includes a lot of detailed information. It looks like a topic wise typing in a book. Each subheading is numbered or bullet pointed correctly and intended to right. The number or bullet point and the length of intend towards right must be same for same type of sub heading, points or details. Highlight the important points in it with a highlighter.

Book Type note taking method starts with a main topic. Place the first sub heading below it with a number or bullet point intended slightly to right. List points and details below it again with bullet points or numbers if necessary with slightly intended to wards right. Make sure that the type of points and bullet points must be same and also right intends. Highlight the points and leave some blank space in between to add points while reviewing.

5. Chart Type Note Taking Method

Chart Type note taking method can use when the topic contains a lot of facts and relationships. It uses columns to organize information. This method looks like a chart organized with points.

In Chart Type method write main topic at the top of the page. Divide the page into columns equal to the number of sub headings or category. Then write details and points in columns of each category.

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