Agronomist or Agronomy as a Career

Agronomist or Agronomy as a Career

Introduction to Agronomist or Agronomy as a Career

When we eat food, wear cloths, and other items we use, we are there in the field of agronomy. Here we discuss about agronomist or agronomy as a career.

What is Agronomist / Agronomy?

Agronomy is a branch of science deals with the application of science and technology to agriculture to boost the quality and yield of crops, and to solve problems with pests, weeds, waste and resource management.

One who specialize in plant science or agronomy are agronomist or plant scientist. They specialized in producing and improving food crops while managing weeds and pests.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Agronomist or Plant Scientist

Work role of an agronomist includes various practices which involved in increasing crop production. That include crop production, implementing new and efficient farm practices, soil checking, use of pesticides, crop rotation, use of fertilizers, irrigation and drainage, plant breeding, plant physiology, weed control, insects and pest control etc.

Educational Qualification Required

Minimum requirement to become an agronomist is to get a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science, agronomy or related fields. They can get a higher qualification like a master’s degree in related fields and further extends their educational qualification to MPhil or PhD.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Agronomist or Agronomy as a Career

A person who want to become an agronomist must posses a good knowledge about agriculture and agricultural practices. An interest in science and environmental issues are also required to become an agronomist. He / she must have a sound knowledge in crop production basic science and mathematics. They also should have analytical skills, research ability, critical thinking, communicative skills, ability to work in teams, etc.

How to become an Agronomist or Plant Scientist?

To become an agronomist one has to opt for science stream in +2 and then choose for bachelor’s degree and continue their studies with masters and PhD in agronomy, agriculture or related field.

Where do I get the Job?

The job opportunities are widening in the field of agronomy as the agriculture is becoming a field of much important. Many companies related to food and agriculture, government departments, fertilizer and chemical companies, seed companies, etc. are offering good scope in this field. An agronomy specialized person can become an agronomist or plant scientist, research person, environmental consultant, officer in agriculture departments, etc.

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