How to Prepare for Exams - Exam Preparation Tips

Exam Preparation Tips


Some are well at exams, some have many problems with exam preparations. Sometimes you may ask how to prepare for exams? Each exam required specific method of preparation depends upon the pattern of questions. Here we are explaining some general exam preparation tips for you.

Exam Preparation Tips

Exam preparation tips explained here will help you to improve your preparation and performance in the exams. Following are some tips that can help you in exam preparation:

1. Time of Study

Any exam preparation always require time to study. It is much important to understand your available time and proper utilization of time. A suitable time table for your preparation will help you in this matter. The time table must be such that you can easily follow it. Many students prepare time table but couldn’t able to follow it, so became more distracted from preparations. Don’t take it easy or leave for one or two days. This can easily make you to go away from the time table.

A good time table covers all topics and subjects you need to cover. It also consists of proper breaks in between studies and leisure time. You should also give time to sleep, physical and mental exercises, etc. This time table may be for short duration or long duration and should be assessed and revised in between.

2. Physical and Mental Fitness

A student can prepare well for exams only if he / she is fit physically and mentally. Good physical and mental fitness increases your concentration and helps in exam preparations. Read our article “Methods to Improve Concentration while Studying“.

Physical and mental health can be improved by the methods of yoga or exercise for half an hour and meditation or prayer for 10 minutes. A good sleep for 7 to 8 hours is also must for good physical as well as mental health.

3. Understand the Concepts

It is very important to understand the concept rather than mug up things. If you know the concept clearly, any type of questions can be answered easily. A twisted question can also be easily answered.

Make your own ways to remember things. It may be by connecting a concept to an incident you will never forget. Or by making graphs, flow charts, codes, summaries etc.

4. Learning Methods

Learning methods are always important for each student. Some students can easily understand things by just reading it, but some requires more efforts or methods. Understanding a suitable method for you to learn is important. Always try to learn from any source at any time. Many concepts have practical applications which you can see around yourself. Observing those and connecting with your concepts will improve your remembering capacity.

Some learning methods students can follow includes writing the concepts many times, reading loudly, watching conceptual videos, making notes, review point preparations, recording and listening to lectures etc. Always remember, use of technology can distract and tempt you to divert from studies. Using it in controlled and correct manner will help you, but otherwise distract you.

5. Practice Tests

Practicing in exam conditions will benefit you to understand the real situation and your performance. Some exams requires time management, so when you prepare for such exams it is important to understand how you are using the time. Practice tests can also remove your exam fever and increase your confidence level.

Practice tests are easily available now a days. Make sure you prepare for the exam before going for a mock test. If you are just doing a mock test without prepare anything means you are just wasting some more time.

After completing a mock test, analyze your performance and understand where you couldn’t perform well. If you are lagging in one subjects or topics, you need to prepare that again before going for next mock test.

6. Just before Exams

Exam preparations are not possible just before or a day before exam. It requires time to prepare for the exams. Then what to do just before or a day before an exam? The answer is that you should revise and practice answering questions. Take time to just go through all your summary or revise notes before going to exam. Try to remember the points and concepts by just looking into the revise notes.


These exam preparation tips are just some information which can help you in improving your performance in exams.

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  1. Time management while preparing for examination is very vital for a student. Making a study time table is always a great idea. The given time table information will help to make more useful study enhancement. Subscribed your blog. ..

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