Call Center Career

Call Center Career

Introduction to Call Center Career

Call center career are one of the recent job markets available in India. Even though it is one of the recent introduction, almost all know about call center. The job is suitable for a very good communicator and even a fresher can get easily into it. Globalization, outsourcing trends and development of Indian economy has increased the chance for job in call centers.

What is Call Center?

A call center is a service center for different companies which provides information and support for their customers. All business requires customer support centers for their proper working. Call centers works as an efficient method for companies or businesses to interact with customers and deal with their queries. Traditionally a call center is a place which offers voice based or web based services for customers. But now as the technology increases, the functioning of call centers are also changing.

Roles and Responsibilities of Call Center Career

Roles and responsibilities of this career is different as per where you are working and what type of industry you are dealing with. Some jobs includes clearing doubts about the products and their functioning, collecting order, provide customer support, answering and solving technical queries, receiving complaints and connect it to correct departments, etc. Thus it offers a wide variety of job responsibilities are attached to this career opportunity.

Educational Qualification Required

There is no specific educational qualification is required for a career in call center. A graduate or even a 10 + 2 passed or even less educated person can get this job. Good communication and inter personal skills are always a requirement.

Skills and Knowledge Required

Good communication skills are essential for this career opportunity. Interpersonal skills, ability to handle different situations, problem solving skills, good patience in handling persons, listening skills, etc. are some important skills required for this career.

If you are working for an international call centers where you need to communicate with international customers, good knowledge of English language is a must. You should be able to communicate well with English. In domestic call centers, you need to have good communication skills in particular local language.

An aspirant of the job must have some computer literacy, typing skills, etc. as per the requirement of the job. Mostly companies provide intense training before the job to give technical knowledge required for the job.

How to make a Call Center Career?

Call center jobs are for those who have good communication skills. Getting good communication skills in English language (if you like to work with international call centers) or with local language (for domestic call centers) is important. A fresher can get this job by walk in interviews conducted by these call centers or companies.

Different Call Center Career

There are many designations for a call center career. Some of them includes CSO (customer Service Officer / Operator), Call Center Adviser / Representative, Customer Service Representative, Call Center Manager / Supervisor, etc.

Where do I get the Job?

All industrial sector is in requirement of call centers. Depends on this the job opportunities are also high and wide. Even a less educationally qualified person can get this job with reasonable salary. Companies are outsourcing the customer services to specified call centers. So job opportunities are mainly available with specified call center companies.

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