ISTJ in Relationships

ISTJ in Relationships

ISTJ Personality Type are very serious in their relationships. They are also considered to be very supportive and caring to the people that they love. Here we are going to discuss about ISTJ in Relationships.

ISTJ Personality Type

ISTJ in Relationships

In relationships, ISTJ personality type are considered to be very caring and supportive people to whom they love. They are also very serious and dependable persons. Generally, they love to follow traditions and order, so they make sure to follow these in relationships also. In this article we are going to discuss more about behavior of ISTJ in relationships like as a spouse / lover, as a parent, and as a friend.

ISTJ as a Spouse / Lover

ISTJ try to follow tradition, so will try to keep family values and structure as priority. So, they are very comfortable with traditional household and gender roles. They are very quiet and reserving in nature, so it is not much easy to deal with ISTJ as a lover. They are considered to be very serious in their relationship. ISTJ will provide great support and caring to the people they love.

ISTJs often prefer conventional ways of finding partners. They often look relationships on a long-term basis, so once committed they stick to their promises. ISTJs often seeks mutual satisfaction and fulfill their responsibilities so that to keep the relationship stable. So, they mostly become dependable lovers or partners. Being Thinking (T) type personalities, ISTJs are not much receptive to others’ emotions. This can make problems in relationships especially if the partner is Feeling (F) type.

ISTJ as a Parent

ISTJs are considered to be good parents who took their roles seriously. They try to grow their children as respected and contributing members of home and society. They try to follow traditions and rules in their parenthood. This sometimes makes their children especially in adolescent age feel that ISTJ are strict and tough parents.

ISTJs makes the environment such that their children follow traditions and develop respect for authority and social structures. ISTJ parents are always give full emotional support and love to their children and feels that it is their duty.

ISTJ as a Friend

The Introversion (I) in ISTJ makes them not a playful or talkative friend. This makes ISTJs quiet and sidelines in the company of Extraverts (E) friends. Also, it is not easy to make friendship with ISTJ immediately. Friendship with ISTJs are always slowly improving, but stays firms once established. ISTJ friends are trustworthy, loyal and dependable since they try to keep their commitments till the end.

Being a dutiful person, they are very happy to discuss about their work life. They try to select friends such that to avoid conflicts in friendships. Also, ISTJs are not good at expressing their emotional affection, but mostly in action when it is needed as a friend.

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