Career as Securities Analysts

Career as Securities Analysts

Introduction to Career as Securities Analysts

As the investment in capital markets become an attractive option of investment now. Career as securities analysts is also became attractive. Those who have interest in analyzing the portfolio have great opportunities in this career.

Who is a Securities Analysts?

Securities analysts are people who involved in research of securities with data and information collected about the securities. On the basis of research, they evaluate the probabilities of profitability, expansion, future expected returns and possible changes in securities of companies. Thus based on analysis, they evaluate and recommend better investment opportunities for an investor.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Securities Analysts

The job role of security analyst is related with stock markets. They have to conduct different research work based on past data and primary information collected from time to time. Research always requires studying new things. Studying financial records, history, public records, various trends, etc. are also part of job responsibilities.

Educational Qualification Required

The educational qualification required to enter into this field is an MBA. Bachelor’s degree holders with experience in financial services and statistical research can also get job in this field. This job requires specific knowledge and relevant experience in the profession. So entry positions are mostly of trainee to which the candidate have to enter and can improve their career from there.

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Skills and Knowledge Required

A candidate who should possess good knowledge in financial activities are capable of doing work. Knowledge in statistical research and techniques is also a requirement for the profession. He or she must be able to keep up with new technologies and developments in this field. Knowledge in different industrial sectors other than the financial knowledge will be an added advantage. Good knowledge in MS Excel and statistical software is also required.

They should have the ability to work and complete the task in specified period. Analytical, mathematical and problem solving skills are essential for this job. Presentation skills, communication skills, research oriented mind, etc. are also some skills required for securities analysts.

How to become a Securities Analysts?

An MBA degree can be obtained after any graduation. Graduation can be of any discipline. But it is good to obtain bachelors degree of a relevant subject which includes the study of some mathematical, statistical, accounts, financial management so that you will get some basics of the course. Obtaining some specific course certifications will also helpful in obtaining a good career.

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Where do I get the Job?

The job opportunities are available in brokerage firms, security firms, investment banks, pension funds, mutual funds, merchant banks etc. There are opportunities for career as securities analysts includes self-employment by starting their own consultancies. They can become portfolio managers, consultants, financial and investment advisers, etc.

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