Career Choices for ISTP Personality Type

Career Choices for ISTP Personality Type

ISTPs are good problem solvers and are effective in dealing with crisis or difficult situations. Based on their traits, there are some career choices for ISTP personality type and there are some careers which are not preferred for them.

ISTPs are normally people who like to live in the present moment and are flexible and spontaneous in nature. This makes them one of the most versatile people in the professional world. They are very good at finding realistic and practical solutions to difficult problems. ISTPs also have the ability to create immediate solution by assessing facts available at the moment.

They don’t like theoretical concepts and rules without any practical application. Not good at making future plans and strategies, as they like to live in present moment and take things one by one.

ISTP Personality Type

Optimal career choices for ISTP personality type

ISTPs traits like ability to solve problems and find practical solutions to difficult problems can make them suitable for many careers. They are good at dealing crisis situation with calm and cool approach which is essential for some careers. These traits make them perfect fit for careers like automotive and other mechanics, engineers, designers, forensic scientists, etc.

They are good at crisis management and also to find immediate and realistic solutions. These qualities make them suitable for jobs like firefighters, paramedical staffs, police officers, military officers, intelligence agent, detectives, pilots, ship and boat captain, drivers, etc. They are good at physical activities in jobs rather than involved in discussions and planning. This makes them suitable for jobs like surveyor, geologist, landscape architect, building inspector, forester, farmer, athletic trainer, machinist, property manager, etc.

Some other jobs which are good for ISTPs are computer programmer, system analyst, computer hardware engineering, plant operator, electrician, etc.

Career choices not preferred for ISTPs

ISTPs doesn’t like theory and concepts without any practical use. This makes them difficulty in academic and abstract theory. This makes them not suitable for many academic jobs like preschool teacher, market research, etc. Careers which required highly structured environment are also not preferred for an ISTP. ISTPs will become tired and bored in these situations. So, the careers like accounting are not preferred for them.

Being not good at emotions and look everything with an eye of logic makes them not suitable for some jobs. This includes clergy or priest, human resource management, medical fields include nurse, dentist, family physician, pediatrician, social worker, special education teacher, etc.

Work Habits of an ISTP

At work an ISTP will prefer tasks with tangible result. They enjoy trouble shooting and like to work in an environment where they can use their problem-solving skills. They also like to be in a career which require some physical activity and even ready to take risk. Their work habit is to make something into action immediately rather than planning for the future.

These people are flexible and spontaneous in nature and dislike highly structured environment. When comes to emotions, they are less in emotions and high on logic. They love variety and new experiences in work environments. They also show self-confidence and determination in their work, but dislike long term commitments or contracts.

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