ISTP in Relationships

ISTP in Relationships

ISTPs are usually bright individuals who can handle difficult situations or crisis. They are people live in present moment. ISTP in relationships do their part to make it strong and healthy. They are interested in taking things at present and not planning for the future.

ISTP Personality Type

ISTP in Relationships

ISTPs are not people who generally make long term commitments. They live entirely in the present moment. ISTPs are generally good listeners, practical and realistic people who can handle difficult or crisis situation with ease, calm and cool.

In relationship, ISTPs are people who respect other’s needs for space and privacy. They rarely express their emotions and feeling. And have difficulty in long-term commitments.

ISTP as a Spouse / Lover

ISTP as a spouse or lover like newness and to live in present moment. They are not planners for the future. ISTPs like to take commitments on a day-to-day basis. They don’t like schedules or controls from other side. This personality types want to be independent and should need some free space for themselves. If some problems arise in relationships, they are people who can move on.

ISTPs are very good at dealing problems and find solutions for it. They are mostly stubborn on their views but are good listeners to other views. Their unpredictable nature may be another problem for the partner. Another weakness of ISTP is that they are risk takers, sometimes this could have put whole family into trouble. When it comes to emotional side, ISTPs express less emotions and thinks logically. They will not show an emotional feeling to their partner.

ISTP as a Parent

ISTPs like to live in the present moment, and thus they like to spend one-on-one time with their children. They are not the people who think they should make much influence on their children. These people don’t like to control their children for everything. They offer more freedom and space for individual development and growth. They want their children to experience and explore the big world outside.

An ISTP parent have problems when it comes about emotional bonding. They look everything from an eye of logic, and shows less emotions. A child sometimes wants emotional support from his parent rather than look for solutions or freedom.

ISTP as a Friend

ISTPs open-mindedness, relaxed and cool attitudes, ability to solve problems in difficult situations or in crisis and their interesting hobbies mostly attract many friends. ISTPs normally have friends who can share what they interested like hobbies. They will not spend time with those friends who do not share their interest.

Unpredictable nature of ISTPs can create problems with their friendship. There will not be a long-term commitment in friendships with ISTPs. ISTPs like to see things in a present moment, this applies to their friendship also. They believe that everything can be changed. Friendships last long as it could have remained flexible and relaxed.

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