Career in Astronomy

Career in Astronomy

Introduction to Career in Astronomy

Astronomy is the study of celestial bodies. This is a good career opportunity for those who interested in celestial bodies, and related fields. Here we discuss about career in astronomy.

What is Astronomy?

Astronomy is the science that deals with all the celestial bodies and the material universe beyond the earth’s atmosphere. It is the science of the Universe which includes the study of past, present and future of heavenly bodies like, stars, sun, planets, comets, meteors, galaxies, satellites, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Astronomer

Role of a professional in astronomy is depends on the work he / she is involved in. The role mostly includes research and development. The role can be divided mainly in two types, which includes observational level and theoretical level. In observational level, people will look into celestial bodies and deals with related fields. In theoretical astronomy the role is more dedicated to interpreting observations through analytical method, modeling of observations, etc.

Educational Qualification Required

The education qualification required to work in the field of astronomy is also varies depends on the area of interest in astronomy. One who want to work in the field of instrumental astronomy, they have to choose for engineering stream. A physicist specialized in this field can work in the field of theoretical astronomy or observation.

To work as an astronomer, one should obtain a doctoral degree in the field of astronomy.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Career in Astronomy

Knowledge in general physics is a must for career in Astronomy. Good mathematical ability, programming skills, curiosity, observation skills, analytical skills, ability to interpret new findings, presentation skills, communication skills, etc. are essential skills required to work in the field of astronomy.

How to become an Astronomer?

Those who want to get in to this field needs to take science stream in their 10+2 level. After that they can opt for physics in BSc. and MSc. They can further continue their studies to MPhil and PhD in topics related to Astronomy. These persons can go for theoretical astronomy. There are courses available in Astronomy in Master’s level, which can give a good opportunity for students want to pursue a career in this field.

For instrumental or experimental astronomy, one has to go for Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electrical / Electronics / Electrical Communications. An engineer in this field can also enter into a career in the field of astronomy.

Different Areas of Astronomy

Astronomy is a branch or sub-field of Physics. Some areas of Astronomy includes Astrophysics, Astrometeorology, Astrobiology, Astrogeology, Astrometry, Cosmology, etc.

Where do I get the Job?

Astronomy is one of the oldest branch of science which still offers good and promising career options. Job opportunities are mostly available in the field of research and development. Jobs are available with government, defence, space research organizations, electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers, colleges and schools as teachers, etc.

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