Effective Note Taking Tips for Academic Success

Effective Note Taking Tips for Academic Success

Why effective note taking tips important?

Effective note taking will help student to recollect all points and concepts learned in the classroom. Student must learn ‘effective note taking tips’ for writing down lecture notes. This is because, if they don’t know how to take notes, this can also leads to not listening in classroom and missing concepts taught. Also it improves the concentration of student in the class. So effective note taking tips are very important for academics.

Effective note taking tips for academic success

Here are some effective note taking tips for academics success:

1. Skills Required – Listening

Only a listener can write note. So the basic skill required to write notes is listening skills. It is not about writing what instructor talks. So understand the talks are also important. If the student can listen and understand the lecture, he can write the notes.

Concentration is that help you to improve your listening and understanding skills.

2. Prepare Before

Preparing for writing notes are essential. You must have all the items required like paper or notebook, pen, pencil, highlighter, etc. It is good to have such notebook where you can add some sheets if it is necessary when reviewing. Preparation doesn’t only means this it includes acquiring some basic information about the subject also. This will help you to understand the lecture more easily.

3. Readable and Understandable

Written notes must be readable and understandable. Using abbreviations and short codes for writing notes are always a good practice. But use such abbreviations and short codes which you could recollect later also. You can even use your own codes to write good notes.

4. Points and Highlights

A good note will have headings, sub heading, points, highlights, etc. which help the student to recollect easily. A highlight will help you to show important points and easily get attention while you revise. Try to use specific color for specific matter like red for very important, green for points to remember, etc.

Some other points to remember while taking notes are 1) write date, page number and lecturer name in the beginning of page 2) leave blank spaces in between 3) Use abbreviations and short codes 4) make it brief as possible.

It is important to understand what to write in a lecture note. Writing everything lectured is not good note making.

5. Method Suitable for You

Here it is important to develop an effective note taking method suitable for you. There are some common methods are there for you to give a try. Some of them includes 1) Cornell note taking method, 2) Mapping note taking method, 3) Outlining note taking method, 4) Charting note taking method and 5) Sentence note taking method.

6. Rewrite or Review

Always rewrite your notes. It doesn’t mean to write it again. You can make corrections in it. It may be some additions, some deletions, and even make some structure or arrangement. This can be done by revising the matter once again, or with discussion with your peers, comparing your notes with peers’ notes, etc. This rewriting will improve the quality of your note.

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