Career in Broadcasting

Career in Broadcasting

Introduction to Career in Broadcasting

Career in broadcasting is good option for those who have interest in controlling, managing and supervising equipment.

What is Broadcasting?

Television and radio uses broadcasting as their technology for content delivery. The content is transmitted normally by using electromagnetic radiation. There are many steps involved in content transmission which includes acquisition, production, transmission and reception. Broadcasting is the technology that used for all the steps given above. That is from the studio end to the transmitter end.

People who work in broadcasting are called as broadcasting engineers or technicians.

Roles and Responsibilities in a Broadcasting Career

Main role of the broadcasting technician is to carry out work on transmitter technologies. They manage different equipment in studio to transmitter end. Their role is also to ensure the quality of broadcasting program material. They also manage live programs and events and also control soundtracks in motion pictures.

Educational Qualification Required

Since broadcasting is a combination of many engineering disciplines, an engineering degree in any of the course like electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, computer engineering, information technology and audio engineering can give an opportunity in this career. A specialization or diploma or post-graduate certification or work experience with and engineering degree in the field can offer good career opportunity in this field.

Skills and Knowledge Required

Good knowledge in broadcasting technology and equipment is essential for the career. Sound knowledge in mathematics, physics, electronics, computer, etc. are also needed. Since this field and technology are advancing regularly, persons in this field must have to update their knowledge regularly. Communication skills and ability to work as a team is also some requirements. They must also be ready to work for long hours and also without any time limits.

How to get a career in Broadcasting?

One can study engineering degree after completing science with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) in 10 + 2. There may be entrance exams for admission to engineering course. After engineering course, one can go for specialization in broadcasting technology. They can also go for certificate level courses or diploma in broadcasting.

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Where do I get the Job?

The growth of entertainment and television industry, the scope of broadcasting as a career is increasing. New technologies, digitization and mobile TV has also improve the chances of good career in this field.

You can get a job in TV stations, radio stations where broadcasting is done. A broadcasting technician can get a job in any field related to all chains of broadcasting includes production to transmission.

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