Courses and Careers in Chemistry

Courses and Careers in Chemistry

Introduction to Courses and Careers in Chemistry

Chemistry is a part of everything in our life. It is one of the branches of science that helps us to describe and explain our world. Almost all professions must know basic understanding of chemistry. The professionals like doctors, nurses, pharmacists, veterinarians, scientists, chemical researchers, oil and mine industry etc. required to study chemistry in-depth. One who work in pure chemistry are usually called chemists. Here we discuss about available courses and careers in chemistry.

What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is the branch of science concerned with the substances of which matter is composed, the investigation of their properties and reactions, and the use of such reactions to form new substances. Chemists study the composition and properties of matter, search for new information and the way in which it can apply to living situations.

Chemistry can be divided mainly into five branches: Analytical chemistry, Physical chemistry, Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry and Biochemistry. These branches are further divide into many other areas.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Chemist

The role of a chemist is depends upon the work and area he / she is working. A chemist can do the job from a teacher to a scientist, to a researcher, to an industry professional.

Educational Qualification Required

One can become a chemist by obtaining a degree in chemistry (B.Sc. Chemistry). He / she can further go for a post-graduate in chemistry followed by M Phil. and / or Ph.D. in Chemistry. There are many other options available by studying various other related or subsidiary fields and courses in Chemistry. That is, getting specialization in any one field of chemistry is an option to get good career in chemistry. The related higher degree includes various specializations like chemical engineering, oil and gas, food chemistry, etc.

Skills and Knowledge Required

Knowledge and personal skills required for a chemist are good knowledge and interest in substances. They must have logical thinking skills, observation skills, communication and presentation skills, analytical skills, numerical skills, accuracy and precision skills, etc.

How to become a Chemist?

To become a chemist one should opt science stream in 10 + 2 with PCM or PCB or PCBM as options. All these includes chemistry as one of the optional subject. After 12th they can get admission into B.Sc. Chemistry and further go for M.Sc. Chemistry and for M. Phil. and Ph.D.

A chemist can specialize in areas like biochemistry, nuclear chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, oil and gas fields, pharmacy, food chemistry, agro chemistry, etc.

Different Courses in Chemistry

Some of the areas of study that become more popular in these days are:

Agricultural chemistry

Analytical chemistry

Astro chemistry


Chemical engineering

Environmental chemistry

Food chemistry


Inorganic chemistry

Organic chemistry

Nuclear chemistry

Physical chemistry

Where do I get the Job?

A chemist can obtain a job in different fields includes, teaching, research and development, lab assistant, laboratory coordinator, product testing and analysis, analytical chemist, quality control scientist, material analytical chemist, pharmacist, nuclear scientists, etc.

The scope and opportunities available for a chemist in the job field are depends on the level of education, qualification, experience, and skill one is having. Obtaining higher educational and qualification always increases the scope to higher positions in career.

Chemist also have a good scope in government departments, semi government and non-government organizations, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions, petroleum companies, chemical industries, forensic science, polymer / plastic industries, textile and colour industries, etc.

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