Career in Business Administration

Career in Business Administration

Introduction to Career in Business Administration

Are you have the capabilities to manage people, money and materials? Career in business administration is an option for you. Business administration is one of the most sought out career in the world. This is because of the glorious paycheck and status one can get with this career.

What is Business Administration?

There is no need to say much about business. Business is present everywhere, and in every activity. It is essential to understand how to manage business to become a successful business icon. That is, you should know how to manage available scarce resources effectively. In general, it is the process of managing and supervising the business and related activities of a company or organization. A career in business administration spread out in all business functions such as finance, general management, human resource, operational management, services, marketing management, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities of Business Administration Career

There are many career options available in business administration. Each job has its own roles and responsibilities. Also, different levels of management have different job roles. So, roles and responsibilities depend on which job they are involved and what position they are in.

Educational Qualification Required

To start or do business, there is no need for degree or educational qualification. But if you are looking for a career in business administration a degree or mostly master’s in business administration is a minimum requirement. MBA is one of the popular courses in business administration. There are some popular Post Graduate Diploma Courses which are of the same level as MBA. An MBA or related course from a reputed institution can lead you to your dream career. Now the institution which you chose for studies will also have much importance in starting and growing your career. You should consider various factors before you join a Business School or Choosing a specialization for your MBA.

Skills and Knowledge Required

Certain skills and knowledge are essential for this career. One who want to become successful must have thorough knowledge in administration and industry they are in. Skills requirements vary with positions they are working. Some important skills required includes good communication skills, analytical ability, leadership skills, people management, presentation skills, problem solving, etc.,

How to get Career in Business Administration?

Post graduate degree in business administration is the ideal qualification for opting this career. Many institutions and universities offer admission to master’s programs for graduates in any discipline. Some universities have specific requirement for percentage or work experience. There may also be some entrance exams, group discussions and personal interviews for getting admission to the business schools. Some common entrance exams are GMAT, CAT, CMAT, MAT, etc., A good score in these exams can give you admission to top business schools.

Different Courses for Business Administration

Industrialization has changed the way how business is done. Now business is done with scientific approaches. This results in evolution of many courses and streams in business administration. Many business schools come up with innovative and specialized courses which help students to develop their skills and knowledge in business administration. MBA (Master of Business Administration) and related courses are popular all over the world. Some colleges offer Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management in different functions of business.

Where do I get the Job?

All industries and organizations require management experts for running their business. So, job opportunities are also there in all industries for business administration graduates. MNCs are offering jobs for candidates from top prior institutes. An able person can easily climb the ladder and occupy higher positions in the business like, COO, CFO, CTO and CEO.

Job opportunities are available in all functional managements like finance, marketing, human resource, systems, etc. Opportunity and position are dependent on the school, campus placements, specialization chosen for MBA, and skills developed.

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