Fundamentals of Career Planning

Fundamentals of Career Planning

Introduction to Career Planning

What you want to become in future? A decision on choosing a career is difficult as it can decide on what your future is. We may have to undergo different process in life to select a good and perfect career. Realistic and practical approach to life by understanding the requirements to reach your aim is the key. Thus career planning is very important to live a successful life.

Career planning is not just the knowledge and decision of which career to choose, it is a complete step by step plan of how to reach there. Here I am going to explain some fundamental things or points you should do while making a career planning.

1. Self-Evaluation – First Step in Career Planning

Every person has their own interest, aptitude and abilities. Self-evaluation is a technique to understand the interest, aptitude and abilities of the person. Everyone who think to make a career plan must go through this step. This is the first and important step that cannot avoid in career planning as this determines the correct choice of career for particular person. Read our article about Self Evaluation.

2. Get an insight into the world of work as a whole

In this step you should know different opportunities and available job opportunities at different levels of education like after 10+2, After Graduation etc. Understanding the work culture of such jobs should be identified here. You should also understand the work culture of such jobs in this step. Getting information about future of such jobs are also important to look into. Go through and conduct research of the growth opportunities and salary of different career options.

Self-employment is also an option you should consider here. If it falls in your interest, aptitude and ability this could be a good choice.

3. Select a career

You have to select a career based on your interest, aptitude and ability. You should plan in such a way that it should be practically achievable. Make sure that you consider all the circumstances before taking a decision. If you are not considering all the circumstances and possibilities before taking a decision, you may need to drop out your plan in between.

It is also better to have a ‘plan B’ depends upon your interest, aptitude and ability. Why I said a ‘plan B’ required? This is because I have seen many persons who once have a good aim but compelled to drop due to some reason and don’t know what to do next. You should not fall into this category.

4. Path to reach your aim

There will be various paths you could have chosen to reach your aim. Choosing the correct path which can be practically applicable is the key to success. This is the step in which you need to consider different points that determine the path. Some of the points are:

  • Educational qualification required
  • Additional certifications or courses to attend
  • Skill set to develop
  • Competitive or entrance exams to appear
  • Duration of the course
  • Requirement of job oriented training program and duration
  • Finance required to reach the aim
  • Time required to reach the aim

5. Financial Resources

You need to understand the finance required to reach your goal. I consider financial resources are an important factor to consider here because you may force to drop your plan due to financial problems. You can solve this problem by different ways and methods.

Now a days financial resources are available through banks and other agencies. Different scholarships available at different stages of the pan will also a support for the required financial resources for you. You need to understand about different financial resources you can avail or scholarships you can get. This will make sure that your aim will not drop due to financial problems at any stages.

6. Seek Support and Guidance for Career Planning

It is always good to have someone to support you throughout your journey of career planning. This support may be from your parents, your teacher, a career guidance expert, a professional from the area you are interested, etc. Have a good communication with your guide regarding all the above mentioned points and reach out a conclusion. This will help you in planning your career correctly.


By following above six steps for career planning you can plan your career wisely and become a successful person.

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