Career in Computer Engineering

Career in Computer Engineering

Introduction to Career in Computer Engineering

Computers become as unavoidable part in daily life of people. Working of different day-to-day equipment involves the use of computer technology. The trend is spreading rapidly to involve the computer technology in most daily utensils like automobiles, watches, telephones, mobile phones, ATMs, kitchen equipment, medical equipment, etc. The computer technology is used in almost all industry and industrial machines also. So as a career in computer engineering becomes more demanding these days.

What is Computer Engineering?

Computer engineering is a branch of engineering deals with designing and testing of computer and its components. They deal with both hardware and software.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Computer Engineer

The work role of a computer engineer is different as per the area they work. A computer engineer can be a hardware engineer or a software engineer. A hardware engineer deals with computer equipment and a software engineer deals with the computer programing using different computer languages. In a project both the hardware and software engineers work together.

Educational Qualification Required

The basic qualification required to become a computer engineer is to get a bachelor degree in engineering or technology (B.E / B. Tech) in computer science. Diploma courses are also available in the fields of computer engineering.

There are many certificate courses and specializations available in the field of computer engineering. This certifications and courses gives much improved opportunity for the job seeker in this field.

One can go for master’s degree in computer science and get a better job opportunity and also for opting a teaching profession. The can also go for research and P.hd. In this field and specialization.

For getting admission for engineering course a student has to get good score in entrance exams conducted by IITs or national level or state level entrance exams or exams conducted by various engineering colleges like JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. The basic qualification required to write these entrance exams are 10+2 science or equivalent examination, with PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) as the optional subject. A person can get admission into master’s degree (M. Tech) by getting good score in entrance examinations like GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering). The basic qualification to attempt GATE is B Tech or BE.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Career in Computer Engineering

The skills and knowledge a computer engineer should have is different based on the work they doing and whether he / she is a hardware engineer or software engineer. They should have strong foundation in mathematics, physics and chemistry. They also should have good communication skills, analyzing skills,

A hardware engineer should have different knowledge like electrical and electronic engineering knowledge, designing skills, testing skills, knowledge in computer chips and its working,

A software engineer should have good programming skills, they should also possess knowledge in the field of work they are involved in.

How to become a Computer Engineer?

To become a computer engineer, he / she must choose PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) stream in 10+2 science. Also he/she must score good in Entrance exams conducted by IITs or in national or state level entrance exams. Some engineering colleges conduct entrance exams for admission into these engineering colleges.

Working people in the private and public sector, or diploma holders can acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering by appearing for the Associate Membership examination of the Institute of Engineers (AMIE).

Where do I get the Job?

A professionally well qualified and skilled computer engineers have good demand. The demand is extends in various fields includes IT, computer programming, product development and design, web development, e-commerce, computer manufacturing, data processing, satellite television, cellular phones, robotics, etc.

The job is available in different government departments, business organizations, industrial sector, etc.

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