Strengths of INTP Personality Type

Strengths of INTP Personality Type

It is important to understand strengths of a personality type. Each personality types have their own strengths and weaknesses based on their traits. This article discus about strengths of INTP personality type.

INTP Personality Type

Strengths of INTP Personality Type

INTP personality type love to have freedom and flexibility in doing whatever their heart tells. They are good entrepreneurs and are strong in their ideas. INTPs have their own strengths and weaknesses. Concentrating on the strengths along with improvement in weaknesses makes an INTP personality successful in life.

Following are considered to be major strengths of INTP personality type.

1. Creative and imaginative

INTPs are very creative and imaginative people with full of ideas. Their nature of go beyond the rules and guidelines helps them to come up with unconventional ideas. They are people who love to look beyond what is seen. They are exceptionally intelligent and are good at discovering new things.

2. Flexible and open minded

INTPs are flexible and open-minded people who are receptive to alternate theories or ideas which are supported by logic and facts. They don’t restrict themselves in rules and schedules and are flexible enough to go beyond that. Also, they don’t like to impose rules and structures on other people.

3. Analytical and logical

INTPs deals things analytically and logically. They are good at consider many factors quickly and effectively. They are good at analytics and are able to find logical relationship between things.

4. Spontaneous and enthusiastic

This personality type people are quick at making decisions by considering the available factors at hand. Along with that they are also able to communicate their ideas to others. They are very enthusiastic to new ideas and shows interest in discussing it with others.

5. Good learners

INTPs are good at learning new things. They are lifelong learners and show academic intelligence. Even, they learn from their mistakes and try to avoid doing the same mistakes again in the future. This makes them excellent at many situations including personal and professional life.

6. Good problem solvers

Being an analytical or logical person makes an INTP good problem solvers. Their creativity, imagination and spontaneous nature help them to find solutions to problems easily. They could even come out with a creative solution which are not possible in normal ways. They are very effective problem solvers even for complex problems.

7. Honest and straightforward

INTPs are honest and straightforward people who believe that the truth is the most important factor. They are not the people for appeasement talking, instead takes pride in telling truth and assessing accurately.

8. Independent

Being independent is strength as well as weakness for a personality type. As an independent person, they could think outside the box and can do thinks alone rather following others or depending on others. Independent nature makes them good leaders and self-starters but not good team members.

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