Career in Geography

Career in Geography

Introduction to Career in Geography

Geography is a term derived from the Greek words ‘Geo or Gaea’ (Earth) and ‘Graphein’ (to describe or to map). That is the Geography means to describe or write about the Earth. One who have interest in countries, physical features of earth, people, economy etc. can opt career in geography.

What is Geography?

Geography is thus the study of earth which leads to the finding out the facts on earth. The individuals or scientists associated with geography are called Geographers.

Eratosthenes is called as the father of Geography and Alexander Von Humboldt is the founder of modern geography. Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the earth.

Geography is divided mainly into two branches namely Physical Geography and Human Geography. Physical Geography is the study of physical features of earth while human geography deals with the study of human, political, economic, social and cultural activities.

The Physical Geography is divided into geomorphology, hydrology, coastal geography, oceanography, quaternary science, landscape ecology, climatology and environmental geography. Human Geography is divided into economic geography, cultural geography, political geography, health geography, urban geography, historical geography, marketing geography and social geography.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Geographer

Role of geographers depends on the place they are working and what they are involving in. They study about the physical details of the environment, its effects on human and wild life, weather and climate patterns, economics and culture, etc. The role and scope of modern geographers extends more than what is given above.

Educational Qualification Required

Basic educational qualification required to start a career in geography is a graduation degree in Geography. A post-graduate or masters degree and doctoral degree are essential to get a higher career option.

Skills and Knowledge Required

Many skills are required to become a geographer. These are main required to become a scientist in the field of geography. They must have observation skills, analytical skills, communication skills, computer and computing skills, etc. Sometimes the job includes great level of travel so must interested in travelling long distances. They must update their knowledge regularly as there is always changes happening in this field. Other than knowledge about earth and the topics, they must also have interest and knowledge in the field of mathematics and statistics.

How to become a Geographer?

A graduate degree in Geography is available both in arts and science stream (ie. BA Geography and BSc. Geography). A student who studied 10 + 2 or equivalent with social science including geography can get admission to graduate courses in geography. After graduation they can go for higher degrees like post-graduation or masters degree in geography. One who also continue their study by obtaining M Phil and PhD in geography.

Where do I get the Job?

There are many career options available in the field of geography both in public and private sector. Many institutes and research centers offers different positions in this field based on different specialization. Teaching is another available career in geography or social sciences.

Many opportunities are available in research field, planning and development departments, agriculture, travel and tourism, etc.

There are other professional qualifications like cartographer, surveyor, drafter, GIS specialists, remote sensing specialists, etc. relates to geography.

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