Career in Geophysics

Career in Geophysics

Introduction to Career in Geophysics

Geophysics is an interdisciplinary subject which offers good career opportunity. A career in geophysics is good for those who have strong background in physics, mathematics or computer science.

What is Geophysics?

Geophysics is a sub discipline of Physics and branch of the Earth Sciences. It is an interdisciplinary field uses principles and concepts of physics, mathematics, geology and engineering to the study of the physical characteristics of the Earth and other planets. Some theories and applications of physics used in geophysics includes seismic, electromagnetic, and radioactivity. These are used to study Earth’s surface, core, geological levels, gravity, electric and magnetic forces, etc. One who study geophysics are called Geophysicist.

Roles and Responsibilities of Geophysicist

Geophysicists work role includes measure, examine, and explore the physical properties of earth. They also involved in archaeological excavations, prediction of natural phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, landslides, tsunamis etc.

Educational Qualification Required

Basic requirement to get a career in geophysics is to obtain a degree in earth science, geophysics or geology. Top universities or colleges are offering M.Sc. and PhD courses which offers greater opportunities in the field of geophysics.

Skills and Knowledge Required

Along with a strong science background and interest in the field, one should have some personal skills to be successful career in geophysics. A geophysicist must be good at problem solving and have technical knowledge. They must also be adaptive to new findings, willing to travel, and should able to work as team. Also a good communication skills both as verbal and oral is also a requirement of geophysicist.

How to become a Geophysicist?

Geophysics is a bachelor or degree course that offered by many universities or colleges. A person who have strong background in physics, mathematics or computer science can study the course. The eligibility criteria for admission in earth science, geophysics or geology should be carefully analysed. They can further go for master’s degree and to get PhD in the geophysics.

Different Fields of Geophysics

Atmospheric Physics

Environmental Geophysics

Exploration Geophysics

Geodesy / Geodetics


Marine Geophysics





Where do I get the Job?

Many career options are available in geophysics in the fields of magnetic, seismology and geodesy. Explorations like coal, petroleum, minerals etc. required skilled trained geophysicist. Also the fields that involves the requirement of earth’s environment requires the help of geophysicists. So there are many job opportunities available in the related fields and industries.

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